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Strike Fighters 2 Android Screenshots

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For the people who play SF2:A on their phone. Again keep the talking on the SF2:A topic and always have fun...

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I installed both games on my wife's old iPhone 3GS, which is now a portable iTouch game system for my 6-year-old son. I can do well, but gun combat is extremely difficult. I tried it on my mom's iPad, and I was an ace with the F-100D consistently getting 5-6 gun kills per mission. So, the cpu/gpu effects on smoothness/frame rates can make a big difference. If I am bored and the iPhone is available (i.e. car passenger on long trip and my son is asleep), SF mobile is good for a little diversion, but quite a bit repetitive once you get to the final year and just need to grind out kills to make level. It is so close to SF2 in so many ways... but the lack of a stick/throttle/rudder pedals and the gamey waves of enemies from random directions keep me from playing too often or too long. With a gaming PC available, or even decent internet browsing, I am not spending any time on mobile gaming at all. Having grown up with Atari Combat Jet and Biplane games as my principal air combat flight simulators, I could not imagine playing a game as realistic as SF mobile. So, I am amazed by it even if I have no use for it.

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Guess i'll kick of the screenies here. As said in another thread i play this while waiting on my kids at school or wife at the docs. I play it on my Galaxy Note tablet, which puts the screenie button about an inch below the down throttle button. Semi easy for me esp towards the end of games.



Will try to grt the new additions as they come along, the goal is a free Raptor this summer. Yes i am that stubborn and cheap!

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