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Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force

Mirage IIIS Swiss Air Force


(two versions)


Install - Need Update July 2012 and DLC Mirage IIIO


In 1961, Switzerland bought a single Mirage IIIC from France. This Mirage IIIC was used as development aircraft. The Swiss Mirages were built in Switzerland by F+W Emmen (today RUAG ) (the federal government aircraft factory in Emmen) as the Mirage IIIS. Australia too, bought, one French-made in preparation for licensed production. Cost overruns during the Swiss production led to the so-called "Mirage affair". In all, 36 Mirage IIIS interceptors were built with strengthened wings, airframe, and undercarriage. The Swiss Air Force required performance comparable to those of carrier based planes; the airframes were reinforced so the aircraft could be moved by lifting them over other aircraft with a crane, as in the Aircraft cavern in the mountains that Swiss Air Force uses as bunkers, offer very little space to maneuver parked aircraft. Also, the strengthened frames allowed for JATO assisted takeoffs. The main differences to the standard Mirage III were as follows:

New wiring of avionics with U.S. electronics

Changed cockpit design with gray instead of black panels

New U.S. radar, TARAN-18 from Hughes

Use of HM-55S "Falcon" (Swiss designation of the from SAAB in Licence built Robot 27 (Rb27) which is similar to the Hughes AIM-26 "Falcon")

Radar warning receiver (RWR) on both wingtips and on the back of the rudder

Strengthened structure for use of JATO-Rockets

Retractable nosecone and lengthened nosewhlle leg for storing in underground air base

Four lifting points for moving aircraft in underground caverns with a crane

Bay at the fin with a SEPR rocket engine to double the velocity for short time or climb to 20 000 m (60 000 ft)

US TRACOR AN/ALE-40 chaff/flare dispenser at the back under the end of the engine (fitted with the upgrade 1988)

Canards designed and produced by RUAG Aerospace(fitted with the upgrade 1988)

New Martin-Baker ejection-seat (fitted with the upgrade 1988)

The Swiss Mirages are equipped with RWS, chaff & flare dispensers. Avionics differed as well, with the most prominent difference being that the Thomson-CSF Cyrano II radar was replaced by Hughes TARAN-18 system, giving the Mirage IIIS compatibility with the Hughes AIM-4 Falcon AAM. Also the Mirage IIIS had the wiring to carry a Swiss-built nuclear bomb or French nuclear bomb. The Swiss nuclear bomb was stopped in the preproduction stage and Switzerland did not purchase the French-made bomb. The Mirage IIIS had an integral fuel tank under the aft belly; this fuel tank could be removed and replaced with an adapter of the same shape. This adapter housed a SEPR rocket engine with its liquid fuel tanks. With the SEPR rocket, the Mirage IIIS easily reached altitudes of 20,000 m. The rocket fuel was very hazardous and highly toxic, so the SEPR rocket was not used very often. The Mirage IIIRS could also carry a photo-reconnaissance centerline pod and an integral fuel tank under the aft belly; this carried a smaller fuel load but allowed a back looking film camera to be added. In the early 1990s, the 30 surviving Swiss Mirage IIIS interceptors were put through an upgrade program, which included fitting them with fixed canards and updated avionics. The Mirage IIIS were phased out of service in 1999. The remaining Mirage IIIRS, BS and DS were taken out of service in 2003.


Animed Cockpit - SHFT + 1


Texture - Denis Oliveira

Texture Early Version - Coupi

Template Texture - Ludo

3D mod - Denis Oliveira

Decals - Coupi

Data ini - Coupi, Denis Oliveira

Cockpit and Avioncs ini - Coupi, Denis Oliveira


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If only we could delete the top fuselage antena!... I've tried many times to find the meshname... I asked Thirdwire but no answer from TK!!! Many thanks Denis for your mods.

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Hi everyone!

Is anyone has an idea to get a texture on the black antennas added on the aircraft ?






You should use the great LODviewer tool by mue in order to "explore" the texture of the fake pilot mod!




Best regards



Edited by Coupi
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Oh, that's a really powerfull tool... I have to play a little with it. But I understand now why the textures are black. Need to know if it's the real color or not (I guess it isn't).

Anyway, thanks!


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