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    • By EricJ

      View File A-10 Ferris Splinter [Fictional]

      A-10 Ferris Splinter [Fictional]

      This is a basic Splinter scheme based on an F-15C design modified for the A-10 airframe, and also some artistic liberties as well. While the A-10C is shown, this can also be used on the A-10A, simply copy and paste the folder into the Bazar\Liveries\A-10A or A-10C and select “Ferris Splinter No.1” in the Payload Menu and go fly.
      Submitter EricJ Submitted 07/18/2015 Category A-10A/C Skins  
    • By viper63a

      View File FE2 First Eagles2 1024x768 PhotoShop Menu Templates
      FE2 First Eagles2 PhotoShop 1024x768 Menu Templates
      By Viper
      A set of "Aces of the Great War" Flight and Menu Templates for First Eagles2.
      Requirement: Photoshop or other graphics program that can edit Photoshop PSD files.
      You can created your own FE2 menus. Load the Menu Template you want to customize into Photoshop. Load the picture you want into Photoshop. Copy the picture and place it over the Red Background layer. Merge all layers and save as a jpeg (jpg). Copy the new menu screen to the FE2 Menu folder. Done...
      Also included: 2 minute Prop plane wave in the Flight Folder. A collection of WWI Pilot photos in the Pilotdata folder.
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 04/05/2015 Category First Eagles - General Files - Hanger, Menu Screens  
    • By Centurion-1

      View File F-105D PSD Layered Templates for SF2
      These are layered Photoshop templates for the stock Thirdwire F-105D sized 1024x1024. These are made partially by hand and partially by superimposing modified stock USAF silver textures, so the overall detail is 99% of the default skins + a little extra in the form of new paint chips and weathering.
      Ludo M.54 for initial work (rivets and panel lines)
      To be noted i use blending effects to achieve uniform colors a lot so if some layer does not change color if you try a hue/saturation change, that's why. So go instead to Blending options and color overlay. I use this to achieve uniform coloring on all textures.
      Have fun!
      Submitter Centurion-1 Submitted 06/02/2013 Category Skin Templates  

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