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F-105D Hill AFB updated skins





Updated Hill AFB skins for the SF2 F-105D


This is an update for Daddyairplanes´ Hill Afb Skins (http://combatace.com/files/file/13741-f-105d-hill-afb-skins/) that I did, and are uploaded with DAs permission. The main changes from the previous version are added details and weathering as well as restoring missing rivet and panel lines.


So 90% of the credit goes to Daddyairplanes, I only did a visual tuneup.


Happy flying,


Centurion aka

Mats Liljeroos

31. May 2013






Semi Historical Hill AFB F-105D Skins


The 466th TFS, USAF Reserve, was lhe last operator of the F-105 Thunderchief.

They flew their last mission before converting to the F-16A in 1983. Due to how

long they flew the 'Thud' and their proximity to Ogden Air Logistics Center,

where many aircraft go to be repainted, they flew 3 Thuds in colors other than

the traditional SEA camo. Those schemes (SEA Wraparound, European 1, and a one

off Desert scheme based on the pattern of the first two) are represented here.

Also provided are black tailcode for the 466th ('HI') and 50 black serial numbers.

Sorry only 50 as the Thud was getting rarer by that time. The first 10 serials are

historical with the first 3 being the ones used by the aircraft so painted. the other

40 numbers are redone TW serials spanning FY59-62.


This is not a completely accurate rendition, the pattern is different than T.O. 1-1-4

states for SEA Wraparound and Euro 1. What I did was to wraparound the stock skin, then

swap the colors (as was done IRL). I also did not do the nose art's for the aircraft

due to other commmitments, and lack of time.


Much credit goes to :

ludo.54m for his templates, which allowed me more freedom to color while keeping the

panel lines and rivets

Soulfreak, both for the idea and material support with references

TK for the stock bird and decals

the greater CA community for support and education over the years


Included in the mod are


Desert, Euro 1 and SEA Wraparound skins

my Expanded Squadronlist.ini, which puts 466th TFS as selectable in menu

the Photoshop templates I used to create this mod.



unzip the files, copy and paste to the appropriate folders. Allow merging of

Aircraft and Decal folders. Enjoy



Thank you for downloading this mod!


daddyairplanes aka

Kevin Unruh

16 Jan 2013


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      Wrench - also for the 'new' weapons pylon.
      Monty CZ
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