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Balloon Attack Question

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In real life - yes, the balloon would shoot up to a greater height and then ride away on the wind. But the cable is steel and not likely to be damaged by anything less than a direct artillery hit (not likely). More chance going for the winch at the bottom, if that weren't suicidal.


In game, I'm not at all sure you can even hit the cable. Has any madman deliberately tried to ram it?

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I've flown right through the cable a couple times testing the incendiary ammo and modified balloons in OFFice--passed right through. Guess it's part of the 3D model but there are no hitboxes for it. They don't move in OFF, MaxSpeed="0". And they're modeled as ground vehicles, not aircraft, so if they did move it would be along roads I suppose.


At least the modded balloons in OFFice don't get popped by their own artillery as often.

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