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The flood 2013 in Germany

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It hits us hard. Major parts of Germany along the rivers Elbe, Mulde, Saale, Elster, Pleiße, Donau etc pp were under water.

And it is not over. The flood now moves toward Hamburg. Dikes are broken, villages and towns are flooded. But the people stand hand by hand and fought against the flood. And still they fight.

I want to say thank you to all who stand on the dikes, carried sandbags, tried to save the dikes, Firefighters, members of the THW, volunteers, hundrets of volunteers, thousands of volunteers, soldiers of the Bundeswehr etc pp

And thanks to the french soldiers of the german french Brigade, who came to help.

And a very big thank you to the 200 dutch soldiers, who saved a dike near Torgau and teached their german collegues how to protect a dike correctly.


In my home area in Saxony we had 30 dikebreaks along the river Mulde.

Here some few pictures:




June 01 2013, 15:30  Normaly the Mulde river is 50 -60 meters wide. Now it is 2 km.




This signpost with map is normaly 50 meters from the bank away.




June 3 2013




The village Glaucha June 5 2013




A closer look to Glaucha. Its the second time that this village was flooded since 2002.




A broken dike near Glaucha. This is only a small break with a lenght of approx. 10 meters. 3 km in the south a dike is broken at a lenght of more then 100 meters.




Helicopters patroled the dikes. Even helicopters of the medical service were used for this task.




CH-53 of the Bundeswehr at approx 2.000 meters




NH-90 on the way to the lake Goitzsche.

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You've passed the worst, but the worst is still to come to us (Croatia)

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What a total nightmare - stay safe.


We have missed that this year - despite having the coldest spring on record

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