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A few fixes for a patch

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I know it is unlikely that TW is going to attend a lot of suggestions, either by some reasons or others, but i think we could set a list with a few tweaks wich could be done easily (many of them details fixable or fixed by the own users, but after all, it is their game, so it should be their concern), wich would help improve several features at a minimal cost for the company. I´ll start with a few things i found about:

-For the F-4N Phantom DLC, edit the ini to provide dropping ailerons. I know JSF_Aggie already came up to a solution for it.


-For the F-8K Crusader DLC, give it capability to use the four sidewinder rails. It has already been discussed, and while i can´t speak for certain, they had it. After all, the french saders have the option to do so and i don´t know if it was ever done.


-For the SF2I Mirage IIICJ, loadout ini could be edited for them not to use sidewinders until after the 6 day war. While they could carry them since delivery, they didn´t use them, scoring almost all kills during and before 1967 with cannon fire. It may be a bit harder for the player, but it is more accurate. While the IDFAF kicked @$$ with Mirages IRL, having them carry AIM-9D that early seems a bit of overkill, besides inaccurate


-Fix the landing gear issues with AI DLC aircraft, specially Su-9.


I know F-4Ks had the nose gear to extend for carrier ops, but i think we could pass on that.


Any other simmilar ideas, please share

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Fix the F-14's nose gear.


The Y-rack for the Crusader was backwards compatible to the F-8C, so having on the F-8K is certainly correct.


I'd dearly love a store that was three rocket pods on a TER.

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I think the 1st gen Pucara came with one iirc.

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