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Maj James McCudden

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During a patrol over enemy lines in flying for Jasta 11 in my trusty Alb I see James McCudden he must have crashed into the ground as he dissapered, did he not spin into the ground on take off here is just 68ft off the ground and like I said he just dissapered did I see the death of an ace.


What a great add-on by Ojcar the Armchair Aces Redux is thanks Ojcar for so much fun and to all the other that give there time for free.


Here's a quick pic of my encounter -


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The great Jimmy McCudden - my hero. Drummer Boy to VC and air hero. Every time I read his verdict on the Voss fight, it brings a lump to my throat...'As long as I live...'...how poignant. What a man.


"As long as I live I shall never forget my admiration for that German pilot, who single-handed fought seven of us for ten minutes, and also put some bullets through all of our machines. His flying was wonderful, his courage magnificent, and in my opinion he is the bravest German airman whom it has been my privilege to see fight."

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The funiest thing is: I have not added historical aces to Armchair Aces. I have set the campaigns to aleatory generate generic aces (he choses betwwen all the British names and surnames, He had could be Peter McCudden, for example).  The game has chosen an aleatory James McCudden!

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While we are on the subject of 'Interesting things I have seen flying Armchair Aces', here's one from me. Seeing this really made me sit up and take notice.


I described this mission in some detail in one of my comparative campaign mission reports over on SimHQ (the FE ones all 'showcase' Armchair Aces) but this part of the story is worth repeating here.


I was making my way home in my trusty Harry Tate, somewhat the worse for wear after an encounter with some rather nasty people in Albatrosses. I had managed to elude the Huns by drawing them over into the clutches of some friendly scouts, who sorted them out for me.





Homeward bound and safely on my own side of the Lines, I was slightly surprised to see a light blue Hun two-seater, crossing left to right ahead and just above. A Rumpler, by the look of it, and heading back into Hunland.




I thought I'd have a crack at him with my Vickers but could not close the range. He paid no particular attention to some long-range bursts, which I hoped might spook him into evasive action and give me a chance to gain some ground. This particular Hun was obviously made of sterner stuff, and not easily spooked.


He next came under some tracer fire from the ground, then our Archies decided to see if they could get him, too.





At this point, the Hun suddenly dived straight down at the gun who was firing at him. I think he was shooting with his front gun but it was certainly an attack of some sort.




After that, the Hun just zoomed right back up, and carried on his way, as if nothing in particular had happened.


It was as if he had taken exception to being shot at from the ground, and had decided to do something about it.


He then proceeded to fly home, ignoring my final attempt to cut him off. I got close enough this time to trade some rounds with his observer but my ammo then ran out and that was that. I'm sure he got home. He deserved to get back. I hope he got a medal, too. The Kaiser needs more like him.


I don't know to what extent any of this is attributable to Armchair Aces but it was a nice little example of First Eagle's ability, given a good campaign setting, to make the AI seem like they're human, not just mindless 'bots'. Marvelous!

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