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Archipelago v1.0

This is the first in a series of terrains (and probably tilesets) that I plan on making.


But, it's not going to be anyplace you recognize. You might notice a few landmasses that look familiar, but this terrain is a complete fabrication, Google Earth will shrug its shoulders if you start looking for it. But that allows you a lot of freedom in terms of scaling and just simply creating anything that pops into your head.


This concept came from a couple of ideas.


Western militaries have long had a tradition of wargaming exercises and creating war plans using fictional enemies. Consider this terrain to be less like a real world conflict and more like a live-fire training exercise against bad guys with real guns. This terrain will be not be a real place, but I did want some nods to realism, like a realistic number of targets and a realistic number of airfields for an island chain in the Pacific or Indian oceans.


The next idea I had came from top-tier games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Ever notice how their multiplayer maps have vague names? The terrains are a lot like a single-player map pack, and this particular terrain could conceivably be used to create a campaign, but it was really meant and intended for single missions.


The last idea was that I want each terrain to be geared for a particular style of warfare, this gets back into the terrain being more of a sandtable exercise than a real conflict. Warfare styles might include traditional Cold War gone hot foes, or a 70s style bush war. This particular terrain is geared for very early jet combat/last of the prop jobs sort of combat, like a war of decolonization. It is designed to be an ECM-free environment, guns, unguided rockets, and dumb bombs. You won't find a single SAM site. You could even mod it into a WW2 theatre if you felt like it.


That's another thing. I don't mind if anyone wants to mod this further, like using a particular tileset or such like. If you plan on posting any mods of this terrain here for others to use, just shoot me an email. You don't have to ask for permission, just let me know what you're doing.


Also, this is part of the CA freeware agreement. Do not use this for payware.


Required Files - SF2 Vietnam (this terrain won't work without it, period)


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Nice idea.

I had in mind to build a fictional campaign for my own. Called: "Traimer Wars", with only the little birds. The terrain you build should fit perfect.

But I got a problem. Made a mod_Folder from SF2V and copied the terrain in the mod_Folder.

But it doesn´t show up in the menue screen???

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