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  1. The Russians used Afghanistan as a testing lab for new technology. Wouldn't be shocked if they did something like that again.
  2. OK, hadn't thought of that. I see the point. I'm going to have to think on that for a minute. I wonder if making the USN the primary FRIENDLY nation causes that behavior and if simply made someone else the primary FRIENDLY nation if the enemy AI would not throw all its resources into sinking carrier groups.
  3. True. You'd have to have SF2NA in order to do it the way I did it, so those who are using other installs would have to add carriers the old way. What's the advantage to having static carrier stations if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I experienced the carrier group being spawned on dry land. So, I removed the CarrierStation entries in the Targets.ini file. Now I get native naval carrier ops in single player mode without problems.
  5. Unfortunately, no. The terrains are small scaled small enough that external tanks generally get you where you need to go. Even with this sim's limitations (and there are a few), it's still preferable to other 'top-tier' titles. There are a lot of very creative people here who have dedicated an immense amount of time crafting ways around these limitations, producing some work that might not do everything we'd like it to do, but it does a lot more than it used to.
  6. Thanks, guys. I'll check back this afternoon. Again, after a long hiatus, I'm relearning the mechanics, even playing around with terrain making. And, yeah the older Super Etendard (v1.2) is....a little more preferable, if not as attractive.
  7. I'm experiencing a little problem with the latest Super Etendard package. The centerline buddy refueling tank is always loaded on my aircraft, regardless of my centerline loadout. I used Mue's LOD Viewer and realized the buddy refueling tank is a part of the actual aircraft's .LOD file. How would I go about using the Fake Pilot method to hide it?
  8. The downloaded file is named TSRFinalPack.7z.001. What's with the .001 file extension? Is it supposed to be that? EDIT: Never mind. File extension is a new one on me.
  9. Is there a trick to opening the download files? It says the file is corrupted.
  10. Ah, got it. Tracking now. Thanks. EDIT: Getting back into SF2 after a long hiatus. Relearning a few things.
  11. Okay, I think I have the SpecificStationCode problem sorted out, but why are all my aircraft using the Exported Availability dates instead of the native ones?
  12. Experiencing a very odd issue with weapons showing up on a plane. Two things are true: 1. If the weapon has a StationSpecificCode in the Weapons Editor, I cannot load it on any aircraft. 2. If the entries for weapons stations in the aircraft's data.ini have a StationSpecificCode for a weapon, no weapons can be loaded on my aircraft except fuel tanks. That's it. Anyone know what I've done?
  13. Yeah, no. Wasn't worth it then, time ain't changed much.
  14. I understand where you're coming from, but I've had the pleasure of speaking on the phone with TK on a couple of occasions, back when I worked for another simulation enthusiast's site. Let's just say he's like every other Teasip I've ever met in my life. If you're from Texas, that means something. If you're not, well, it doesn't translate very well. Frankly, I'd be shocked if TK tolerated someone getting into the game mechanics files like that. Some textures, well, that's one thing. Proprietary game engine files? Not so much. SF2 is still very much TK's beach and ocean. Making an extension for Blender to create new LODs for the game? I'm sure he's not even going to lose any sleep over it. Modding his avionics or AI files? I wouldn't recommend it, but I'm an overly cautious guy. You can't even really make the case that he's not into PC game development anymore, he just made a new title last year. Sure, it was a port of a mobile game, but it's still a PC game. The last exchange I had with TK over the state of the game was about a year ago or so and I was so mad at his response, I stopped playing until this month. I had a hard drive crash and lost a ton of work on a terrain I was building and I didn't even care and I still don't. Guys, it's going to take a lot of polish to get the game where you want it to be and you're going to have to start from scratch. You'd be better off finding a low-cost game engine and just building something new.

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