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  1. A Christmas to Remember

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Wish everyone a better new year.
  2. covid-19

    I've had it, it wasn't as bad as the flu, but it certainly wasn't fun. Call your primary physician the moment you feel like you cannot breathe. Lots of rest, lots of fluids. COVID will sap your strength and you won't want to eat because you can't smell or taste anything, so snack to keep your blood sugar from crashing into the basement. I got it in October and I still have problems with regaining energy. I can't even get through a full workout and it's been over a month. Prayers for a swift recovery, brother.
  3. Belay that query. Think I found it. I'm such a dork.
  4. There used to be a specifier in a unit's entry in the campaign_data.ini files that allowed the user to determine what airframe number would be the first one in a flight for the player. Can anyone remember what the heck it was?
  5. I mean, the way they're written now is....serviceable. But, it ain't great. What hope to see in the version TW is working on now is something new. Before we even start seeing DLCs, I'd like to see the developer really refine the game's architecture so that the even the base game with no mods is something that really draws people in.
  6. The RWR and avionics .dll’s need to be rewritten badly. We need RWR’s to pick up AHMs and we should be able to specify air defenses in the terrains.
  7. Grabbed Bodenplatte, the Lightning, and the FW-190.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Chag sameach, sir.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin. Health and long life to you and yours, sir.
  10. The Corona Virus Thread

    Had it in early October. Got over it in about a week, maybe a little less.
  11. I wish the game engine was friendlier to modern warfare scenarios. Perhaps one day, the latest upcoming version of the game will be adjusted for more modern combat scenario.
  12. Sigh. The most worthwhile part of YAP's digital store are the carrier models, but those are often problematic within the community. I will not elaborate further. The aircraft models require a ton of modding to get them to work in SF2, and they're still not (in my opinion) as good as what is already on here. For example, the YAP Tomcat model and the MF Tomcat model (available here for free) are miles apart in fidelity and presentation, the YAP model is nowhere near the quality of the MF model. The YAP carriers are very, very good and I'm glad I bought them. The YAP A-6 model isn't bad, but it isn't as good as the RAZBAM version, which in my opinion is the best Intruder model made for SF2. The most disappointing and frustrating YAP product is their Charlie-model Hornet in Carrier Pack 4. I had to quit trying to get that thing to work, it was maddening.
  13. Wow. Pretty bird. I've been wanting to make a new campaign with a bunch of the 'what if' and fictional aircraft.

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