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i´m looking for info on the M117 conical fin assembly , there are 2 versions and i found this 2 designations M131 and MAU-103 the only problem is that there are no pictures to the designation


here are the 2 versions




if anybody could give me a hint what assembly is the M131 or the MAU-103 that would help me a lot


and if possible what would be the bomb designation with the different fin assemblys


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Both are low drag options as much as I figured here's the excerpt from the text:



Originally, low-drag M117s were fitted with 52-lb M131 conical fins that were 49 in(124 cm) long with a 23-in (58-cm) fin span. In the early 1970s, the 64-lb MAU-103/B conical fin was introduced, featuring strakes, a 50-in (127-cm) length, and a 19-in(48-cm) fin span. A modified version of this fin, the MAU-103A/B increased fin-span to 22 in (56 cm).

The high-drag bomb, commonly known as the M117R, used the 117-lb MAU-91A/B



EDIT: Now that I think of it, why not attaching the whole document :D

Hope it can help...found in somewhere on the net, lost the link...

US Air Force Weapons.7z

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Awesome Volker, this is just what's been missing to finish this up - keep up the great work and thanks!

Thanks goes to B32 too for sharing the references! 

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