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MOD Help! (Gun's don't work.)

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Hello! Been flying FE2 ALOT recently. While I'm having a blast, I remember downloading a mod campaign called 'Bloody April 1917' a while back. I found those files, (including the required planes) and promptly installed everything. Now it all works great... except for a few things.


First, to anyone who flies the Sopwith Pup/Triplane and Bristol, do you have to push forward with your stick to get the aircraft to take off? I normally only have to apply slight rudder or aileron (sp?) when taking off with the stock planes, but those aformentioned planes simply will not take off unless I lower the nose of the aircraft. Is this intended? I seem to remember Rise of Flight doing something like this, but I have never encountered anything like it in FE2.


Second, my guns don't do damage in ANY of the 1917 planes. The Noopie 17, Spad 7, Triplane, and Pup have all done several missions where I got behind my target and was putting out a whole lot of lead... and nothing. The mission results screen always shows something like 600+ fired and ONE hit. :\ I can't figure it out, am I missing some sort of file? The gun does a firing animation, but there are no tracers.


Third. Not really sure how to describe this, other then micro-stutter. You see when I get hit in the engine, or my plane stalls, or when I'm firing, my plane starts to stutter around, or 'warp'. Its very odd. Its much more noticeable in third-person. It also occurred when I was trying to take off, and didn't know about putting the aircraft's nose down. I've no idea what to make of it.


I'm pretty sure I followed the DL instructions perfectly, but this sure has me stumped. Sticking with the stock campaigns for now, as they run perfectly. :)

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Hi there!


Can't help with the gunnery; fly the same planes a lot in 'Bloody April' and other campaigns, no such problem, and that's flying at the hardest setting. Only issue I have is learning to judge the aiming point in the absence of a better gunsight view. I assume you're getting close enough?


Not necessarily THIS close:




...but at least THIS close:


img01229.JPG :biggrin:


Re takeoffs, in most cases I make a habit of pushing the stick forward and raising the tail as soon as I can anyway, to reduce drag and gain speed faster, so I'm not sure if I would have the same problem as you, otherwise. Many clips of WW1 planes taking off seem to show this being done. Are you flying 'Hard' Flight Model setting? If so, some 3rd party planes are 'optimised' for the less realistic 'Normal' FM. The solution for this is to use Peter01's set of modified FMs which is designed for the 'Hard' setting and provides new FMs for all these planes. Some 3rd party planes will not take off at all on 'Hard' without this FM mod. Only issue is that it also rather nerfs 2-seater gunners, I had to hand-edit them all back to make them more dangerous.


If you really want an interesting take-off, try an RE8 with a full bomb load; you may be glad you can 'ghost' through trees!


Not sure about the micro-stutter. By design FE, much better than the others in this respect, gives us both visible and audible stall buffeting effects. so your nose will judder when entering a stall. But if you're experiencing a really odd visual judder, often in a stalled or a very odd flight attitude, then I have noticed this and think it's an FM oddity with some 3rd party planes. Again, Peter01's FM seems to be best all round.


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Oh! and yes I ALWAYS fly hard. I try to make the game as 'simmy' as possible. As for my gunnery, I do start shooting about the same time as you do, based on that second picture. I think I may have to do some more testing. I do need to download Peter's FM's, but I remember something making me nervous, and I do believe it was that gunner issue. While I don't fly 2 seaters often, I hope it doesn't gimp the AI two seaters? and does it affect the Stock planes?


The microstutter seems like an FM issue in retrospect. I only remember it a couple times, and the whole plane seemed to be doing it. Again, probably because I don't have Peter's FM's.



Thanks for the help!

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I dont know how to edit my posts, so I'll just say that Peter's FM's fixed everything! :P WHo knew? Now my only issue is why the ALbatross D III explodes everytime I try to fly it. (As soon as I load the airfield I get the sensation of dropping, and then BOOM mission over. :p One thing at atime eh?)


Thanks for the help!

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      Dec. 26, 2021 Update - Please find, available at the link below, my previously released mods. for RoF United Ed. - this time as a convenient, consolidated mod. package. Do read the included "Read Me" files, where available, for more info., particularly the "READ_ME_ROF_General_Info" file that is located in the root folder of the package when unzipped. This consolidated package is provided "as is," with no active support beyond the included explanatory files. Should I ever revisit in particular the AI/DM mod. for RoF United, fresh info. will be posted in this thread.
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      Hi guys I have a problem and have already tried a few things, if I install a nuclear mod I get everything right with the explosion and such but I have no detonation sound I've tried a lot I'm sorry for the bad English but I'm from Germany I hope so can someone help.

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