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ROFL! True Story Just Happend. ... to ME!

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So less than fifteen minutes ago I sucessfully took a shower, mopped the floors, cleaned the walls in my bathroom, cleaned the shower, and fixed a leak all at once.


How I did it?


I failed to properly shut the main water supply off.


I thought I did I really did. But when I turned that little nut I found out quick fast and in a damn hurry that I did not.


A fire hydraunt popped out of that llittle pipe damn near knocked me out and flooded the bathroom.


It is bad that the whole time this was going on I was thinking about the water scene in down periscope?


Anyhew had someone cut the supply and got everything under control.


Got it fixed everyting is good now.


Also found out that the plumber failed to put the damn washers on the main control valve to the shower unit which is why my stuff was leaking all the damn time.


I'd been more mad if I had to spend several hundred bucks for a two cent part.

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I get the feeling that I'm missing out on that refference. What movie or book did come from?


Seriously though:

Delta Faucet (Monitor with temperature control)


Once the water situation was taken care of it took five minutes to fix the shower head. Just unscrew, slide out old parts, slide in new parts, screw back, done.

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