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Someone can create the PAC-3 missile model for Patriot SAM battery?Thank you!

Wikipedia page about the MIM-104 Patriot:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriot_missile

This is the Lockheed Martin's link about the missile:http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/products/PAC-3.html



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Just the missile, right? I can cook one up if someone else doesn't finish it first.


I have the exact dimensions, but a good diagram (side view) would be extremely useful.

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The color drawing above is for a different version of the Patriot (the proposed version for MEADS), but I was able to find proper diagrams and photos for the the more current baseline weapon. This should be close enough for government work:



Here is the missile and launcher. It properly integrates with the existing Patriot network (which you must have already). Needs testing though.

Patriot PAC3.rar


Warhead weight is set at 73kg as per official sources. However this is a hit-to-kill missile and a large portion of its lethality comes from the force of impact. A 312kg object travelling at Mach 3+ will impart over 150 megajoules of energy, which is equivalent to 40kg of TNT. So feel free to increase the warhead to 113kg or more.

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Excellent! clapping.gif.pagespeed.ce.letqCZTOMd.gif


I go to install it into my "Strike Fighters 21st Century" version... :starwars:


Thank you very much !



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