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Updating SF2 Collection to latest standart

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Hey guys, it's been a while... 

I'm getting back in touch with SF2 games. Actually, I do own SF2 collection pack (the limited offer pack sold in 2009 that included SF2, SF2:Europe2 SFI2 & SFV2). I tried to install my owned SF2 expansions, but I failed: they want lastest update to be applied to the pack. 

The catch is... The patch installer does not accept to be applied on my SF2 install. 


Any ideas? 

Do I have to get back to the most early patches and install them one by one?!





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I have the same SF2 combo pack, and a number of other SF2 titles and DLCs.


I use the Thirdwire auto-updater, available on TK's website, which will install everything you own and patch it up to the latest standard.


Point and click.


You need your login and password which TK supplied when you make an online purchase.


Merry Xmas!

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Thank you kindly guys!


Baltika, I was not aware of that thirdwire installer thingy, and it did the trick in a very efficient fashion! 

Johnathan, I am aware of the latest TK game, I'll see when I have more money to spare if I am interested or not.  :biggrin:

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