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A question for our Vietnam Vets...

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in particular any/all of you that may have served or visited Thailand. Also, in particular, Ubon.


What is the landscape like??? Meaning, is it more a grassland, with scattered farms/fields? Are the paddies near the river? So and so forth.

My charts only list things as "vegetation", with the occasional "paddy" outlined.


This question goes pretty much for the whole central region -- it seems more like 'open range' or veldt type terrain. As the game engine preferences the P series (paddy) tiles -- they all have to be replaced in their thousands!!! (seriously! damn auto tile!!)


Sat photos, ala Google Earth are not much help. Considering the things is tits up most of the time...


In game references, which tiles are the best to use in that general region? Obviously, the VietnamSEA set, at the GreenHell 3 level (cause I ain't making the extra 30 tiles to GH3.5 level!)











I don't mentions the G9, as that's the farm tile with the little village/hamlet thingy. Those can be scattered around when and as necessary


thanks In advance!!




if any of you vets want to see the chart, pm me

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Kevin, wouldn't it be easier to just use Google Earth and Google image search for current and possible historical photos?

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well, probably true. if the triple cursed thing would stay working (been fortunate the last 2 days)


oddly, studying another chart, has "rice fields" clearly printed on it, with a vegetation symbol.


so, it looks like a combo of G1/G6/G7/G8 and paddy


and of course, to 'fix' certain issues, a NEW SP series of tiles (sea-to-paddy) for the Mekong. jeez ... that damn river is LONG!!! )4200+ km)

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you really should move to GH3.5 Wrench, I know I know, you invested time and nerves in new custom tiles but... GH3 was sort of quickie to kill time when one young lady... nevermind, I wanted to do something fast to brighten my mood back then

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I stay in Thailand. I think Stary's latest iteration is as true to life as can be.

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