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Fokker Scourge add on pack

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How is it?


Any other add on packs in production?

I'd love a heavy bomber or seaplane or zepplin pack.

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It's really good, try it. It's worth the Money!


You can fly the Fokker E 1 (with the Parabellum Machine Gun), or the Fokker E 2, or the very early Be 2 ( with your Observer using only a Rifle, I think).

With this Planes, you can start your Career in 1915.


New Add-Ons are in the works. As far as I can tell, I've found in the Profile-Folder (Campaigndata) the following Pictures:  Gotha GIV, HP 0-400 and a German Zepellin. When they will be released, I can not say. It sure takes a lot of time.




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Hoping to start a 1915 campaign shortly myself, having recently bought 'Fokker Scourge', but it's interesting that they actually have those pictures in the Profile folder. I have an odd way of running pilot campaigns at the front in consecutive time periods, to get a feeling of the development of the war, but I'd be interested in bombers and airships for individual scenarios.

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Good detective work Andy!


I like the idea of starting a campaign in 1915. Not sure how well I'll do at flying the E-class planes in WOFF, I'm ok with them in OFF, but a much better pilot in other crates.

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