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Exercise REVITA 2014

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From 13th to 15th may, the Swiss Air Force reactivated the military section of the Buochs "sleeping base" for the exercise REVITA 2014. Here are some photos from that exercise.


The line-up at the base (one F-18 is missing, there were 4 of them).

























As usual for Swiss military airports, there are almost no fences and the runway is crossed by public roads.







Helicopters used for liaison between Buochs and Meiringen air base.





Buochs also hosts the Pilatus factory.

3rd PC-21 prototype.



This PC-7 will be delivered to the Indian Air Force.






Visit to Mirage Verein Buochs, an hangar converted to be a museum dedicated to the Mirage III (which served in Buochs until 2003) where you can find a Mirage IIIRS. Its engine still works, but the airplane isn't airworthy anymore. Sometimes the Mirage performs taxi runs around the airport under its own power, in order to maintain the engine in working conditions.






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Beautiful, pics on FB too. Back in the '70's while working as a tourguide in a village nearby I saw lots of Mirages & Hunters at Buochs, fantastic noise between the mountains. Makes sense to keep the base on care & maintenance.

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