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Hello all


I have a thing on the side where I find new talent and tell their story. Believe it or not this got started when I was doing interviews here at CombatACE I never knew how fun they could be. CombatACE has been a great place that allows me to be creative and work with a wonderful group of people who love sharing neat tips when it comes to bringing new content here to the forums.


Speaking of new content stay tuned to the end of this presentation to hear news about a new segment the writing staff is working on I'm sure many of you will like it. This presentation is set to air next month however I decided to let you wonderful folks get an exclusive look. I did have pictures of 40 different aircraft .. they looked perfect when I snagged them but when they went into the video they looked like crap so unfortunately I had to pull them. I hope you all enjoy it.


Lastly I want to highlight a group that you'll hear in the program. Jenny's Vision Project ... a smooth group from Norway that are devoted to producing the highest quality of music they can and they deliver on that mission time and time again.


You should check out there site for more information.


Or Check out their soundcloud account for more songs.





For some reason the dropbox player cut off 15 seconds ... because if you watch from the link its a preview but if you download you'll get to hear the whole thing.


Here is it again on the CombatACE Player (couldn't tell you what plugin you need to watch it if you don't have it.)


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