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4th FG P-51 Mustang (TW)

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4th FG P-51 Mustang (TW)

P-51D Mustang - 8th Air Force


Here you have a collection of generic skins representing the 4th, 20th and 55th Fighter Groups North American P-51D/K Mustang during WWII.


They are NOT 100% accurate and definitely NOT perfect since camoflage and/or markings patterns differed from plane to plane within the same squadron, therefore the term "generic" (constructive criticism will be accepted, however, rivet-counters, nit-pickers and haters in general, well, you can talk amongst yourselves).


This time I have dicided to split the original pack into the fighter squadrons in the 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 15th Army Air Forces, so definitely expect

more to come!


Most serial numbers used are stock ones and others are modified (colored) stock serials.


You must have the following for this pack to work:

1. Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 installed to get the P-51.

2. WWII Nations.ini

3. WWII Formation.ini

4. WWII weapons pack


Also, you'll need to update your squadron list, which is included in each pack.




Thanks to TW for the P-51 Mustang and the original textures.


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Thanks a lot! Beautiful stuff and very good idea about the per group packages!

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nicely done


however, all these Mustang packages could have been made CONSIDERABLY smaller by the following:


1) converting ALL skin maps to jpg. there's no need nowadays, and especially with SF2 to use bmp

2) delete the sm_*** skins. those are the specular maps, and are NOT needed for each skin, as the game engine will automatically use those from the Cat files


3) the white on the tail is too bright, I'd have used (and do) 10 or 15% grey, as is not so bright, giving a faded look. even on NM skins, it wouldn't be that stark a white.


As these are all 8th AF FGs, it's not a terribly difficult task to match serials to plane-in-group letters. A bit time consuming, yes. But not hard at all. They are all readily available, and can be found here:




broken down by fighter group, and within each group, by squadrons. One just needs to scroll through the listings, plane by plane (as many used P-47s, then P-51B/C, then Ds) to find the individual letter required.

Then, just make the serial decals. I do it all the time!!


9th AF ones are the problem!!

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