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ok, gots a quandary question for you all ...


I have a finished skin/decal set for 18 Squadron (NEI), as attached to the RAAF for early WW2 (meaning: flying on the ww2 Darwin map). Actually, they kept these and flew them until the war's end.


I can release this in a couple of ways:


1) add on skin/decals for the C bomber version (seen below), as the userlist already has the correct dates and such

OTH, that model has the extra fixed nose gun (remember, we talking the glass nosed bomber type, delivered in the first 3-4 months of 1942).


2) create a 'nationalized' version for ML-KNIL usage, based off the B lod (with no fixed gun, and correct exhaust stacks (single collector type)


the mapping and decal locations are identical, so it's only a few seconds of ini work to create a 'full nationalized' aircraft.


Your opinions, gents (and any ladies, too!)??



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