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Hard metal skin F-105 vid

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Wrench thank you for that vid in the TV thread. It caused me to find this...never seen it.


Late 50s/early 60s .... F-105 ~> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR2F677wYm0 Metal skin with yellow wings so pretty.


12:50 ... High altitude brake chute deployment...accidental? Don't have sound on my computer.


13:00+ several high altitude spins


~ 17:00+ ... Early F-105 refueling attempts....KB-50J takeoff.


26:25+ ... arming including winder racks and belly shape.


Moving soon but man I want to get back into The StrikeFighters just for this kinda stuff.

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If you do a Youtube search on Great Planes, WINGS (insert aircraft name/designator), or Discovery Great Planes you can find a lot 70s/80s era documentaries on WWII and Cold War Era aircraft.


The WINGs and Great Planes series was awesome, I remember having a few of those on VHS  and I believe they were originally produced in either the UK or one of the Commonwealth countries (the narrator's accent sounds kind of Aussie or Kiwish*). Good stuff, back when documentaries had good footage, were formal, had decent narration, and really delved into the subject matter and not like today's documentaries which are dumbed-down and try to appeal today's ADHD reality tv generation.  


I have been looking for the complete Wings/Greatplanes Carrier series, particularly the ones they did on the Korean and Vietnam wars.


You also might want to try: https://archive.org/details/HumanHistory


Found a few decent 60s, 70s, and 80s Military documentaries there too.

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