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Best monitor size for flight sims? (to simulate the actual size of a cockpit)

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I'm trying to figure out what the best monitor size would be to get.


Would anyone happen to know how wide the average instrument panel is for a fighter jet?


Help from cockpit builders would be very much appreciated!





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There are tradeoffs.

If you use a big screen and stick to 1080p, you can see pixels and some gauges may be a little blurry if you make the game's field of view match the real world field of view.

If you try to do 2160p (UHD / 4K) to dramatically improve the image, you may run into several problems:

1) Can your hardware run the game at a decent frame of rate (i.e. 60 Hz) with quality features like anti-aliasing enabled?

2) Does your interface between you PC and the monitor support 4K? At 60 Hz? A lot of 4K TV's can't do more than 30 Hz through their HDMI ports and don't have a display port interface that can do UHD at more than 30 Hz.

1080p will give you better frame rates for a much lower cost for all hardware involved, especially modern LED LCD TVs.

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