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Question re a WW2 Separate Install

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I have read the instructions for making a standalone separate install of WW2 SF by the Wrench.


Some questions:


1. I have a merged install with 4 game (SF, SF Europe, SF Vietnam, SF Israel) all in one folder, at C:\Program Files\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2,  and my saved gaves at C:\Users\TANIA\Saved Games\ThirdWire.

Do I need to rename these before starting the new install??


In fact, was thinking of renaming them thus:

C:\Program Files\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2 MERGED and C:\Users\TANIA\Saved Games\ThirdWire_MERGED 

and then proceeding with a new istall of SF (the one I have is dated Oct 2009 at lower righthand corner).


2. Will the October 2009 version of SF do for a WW2 install?



This morning, I was looking at a list of backup discs (in WHERESIT PROGRAM catalogs ) I have and to my surprise (and delight) I discovered I have a whole SF directory saved on disc from the days of SF1 ten years ago or so, PLUS MANY DOWNLOADS OF THAT ERA on a couple of other discs I had made then.

I am therefore thinking to copy the whole SF folder to another drive (D) on my PC and see if that runs. It should. I suspect also I will find some in-game screens in it that I had made at the time plus a couple of Canberra skins.


3.Can I rename the exe files of my installs to things like SF WW2, SFXXX, SF PTO, etc?


It is fun getting into this game again, but I would like to stress that it would not have been possible without the help I got in these forums from many wonderful people.


Thanks and gratitude to all.




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If you do an sf1 install you can only use files made for sf1 series...well mostly anyways..better off using sf2 stuff..

merged install wont affect your ww2 standalone

just copy exe you want to make ww2 install....I used sf2 europe.

rename the copied exe   I called mine...WW2 lol

then create shortcut on desktop....run it    then you will get the ww2 folder in your mod directory...as is the norm for sf2 games

then you can add ww mods to it...

usually you need delete most folders depending on what mod u use..

renaming the shortcut or exe to a new mod install has no problem....as long as you rename it before you run it to create the ww2 mod folder as mentioned above.

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ALWAYS copy/and paste the exe to be "cloned" into the core files directory of SF2


C:\Program Files (x86)\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2


it will drop in as a "copy", for example, StrikeFighters2 North Atlantic -copy.exe.

Then, you just rename to what theatre you want.

Then and ONLY then, run the exe to create you ww2 mods folder. Then the removal of stuff can start, and the addition of the ww2 theatre specific bits can start


the other pic, is of a basic install (mine is full-5), plus the 3 major ww2 theatres, and one for Korea. It should be noted that PTO covers ALL, including CBI. However, in reality, CBI should be it's own mods folder as the planes and vehicles and so forth are different from "regular" PTO that would include the SWP, Central and northern Pacific regions.


However, in the long run, you'll be needing to get the latest patch level, and 99.9% of the stuff we're doing is designed for that.


Create the mods folder ONLY after patching ... otherwise you'll be starting over, and creating a ww2 exe from the latest patched version of which ever original you're building from

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Thanks for the advice.


What is CBI?


Since a WW2 install involves getting some a/c from Capun's site (and I cannot find a way to download from them), I think I should start with the PTO perhaps if there is a pack for it here; though I do not know how I would find that.


Is FIRST EAGLES a WWI version?


Kevin: Your second screenshots of the Saved Games folder is what is called in these posts the Mods folder, riight?


And what do the Extracted Files and Utilities folders contain? I suppose those are folders you made yourself that help you make mods.



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Yes, indeed. That's where the various "mods folders" reside.


The Utilities folder is for the 3W gun and weapons editors (sf2 versions)

The ExtractedFiles is just that, someplace to put the files extracted from the various and sundry cat (catalogue) files



The unfortunate fact of the matter is, the majority of the ww2 axis birds, for any theatre, are only available at Capun's site (ie: the Dev A-Team, hereinafter refereed to as "The DAT"). They also have a lot of the Allied birds as well. Although, there are a GOOD number here. And more to come, depending on our model makers.


They do have a few "total conversion" WW2 mods. They call them 'all inclusive'.


You can read all about the necessary things you need to do here:




that link takes you to their Instruction Sets.

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