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    • By 71Bengal__Lancer
      Anyone has KAI T-50 or F/A-50 mod for SF-2??
      I have long been waiting for Korean indigenous birds, if anyone made any.  
    • By jeanba
      Enjoy :
    • By Slant6
      I've been playing the North Korea Invades 1950. Lots of fun, although NK birds a lot more numerous than in real life. Anyhow, problem is that the Yak-9Ps are too skillful and deadly. They make mincemeat out of F-80Cs and give F9Fs a hard time. Any way to tone this down, so they're shot down easier--like in real life?
    • By Slant6
      Enjoying the Korean Air War campaign overall. But sometimes, when things get very busy, the framerate will slow almost to a crawl. My setup is the following (relevant info):

      i5 2500 (non K)
      8GB Ram
      1TB 7200
      GTX 1050ti (newish drivers, forget the number exactly, 45X I think)
      Sound Blaster Z
      Do I need a serious upgrade to cut through the slowdowns and framerate drops?

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