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  1. Hello I have little problem in SF2 North Atlantic in single mission when I select Korea v3 and Cuba Otc terrains I can't change mission year before 1970, is there any fix for that problem?
  2. It could be a problem with the mods. As the F-4 E and other Air Force versions are working properly, the problem is only with the USN B,J,S versions.I will try to reinstall F-4 mod.
  3. Hi i have little problem with my F-4 Phantom Fleet in SF2 North Atlantic. Each one F-4 have black cockpit only with working radar , other avionics is not working . How to fix it ?
  4. View File SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music. 19 pieces 1920x1080 4 wav file Submitter kosmo92 Submitted 04/01/2023 Category Menus  

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