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This is just a quick thread to say thanks. I just re-installed all of my SF2 games and am downloading all the good mods. It's amazing to me that I can now use the same sim to basically cover a century of flight (give or take a couple decades between some of the conflicts). It is absolutely outstanding, and the community here is great. 

Anyways - thanks all for doing what you do to keep a great game alive and well. 


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I'm new to SF2 but what I'm seeing so far is great.  A big thank you to the Modders that keep this platform alive.

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I have to agree with the sentiments expressed above.  Without the modding community the SF series would be an interesting distraction, but mods have transformed the game into something spectacular where pretty much any scenario can be fulfilled.  It's like Birds of Prey, CFS, Fleet Defender, F-19, LOMAC and all the Jane's games of old rolled into one.   It may not have the avionics fidelity of some of those titles, but what is there is sufficient to scratch my itch.

TK provided may have provided the blank canvas, but this community provided the world class artists to flesh it out and for that I will be forever grateful.  For me at least, the hard work and dedication of the modders has given me countless hours of entertainment since I accidently discovered the series 8 years ago. NotWorthy.gif.pagespeed.ce.bD8w3q6C3B.gi 


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