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U.A.E. launches air strikes on ISIS

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I am happy to see that the normal muslim population of the region is finally getting fed up with all those
radical elements who are dragging the name religion of Islam through the mud.
I hope they make a big enough fist to deal some big blows to IS and any other radical movement. The less

"we" westerners interfere, the better.

PS: the news is from August 2014...

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We need to created a coalition of Sunni arab nations to launch a ground war of isis in Iraq & then Syria once Iraq is secured.  This will assure Sunni's that we are not at war with them and help prevent Shiite miltia's from persecuting Sunni's.


Also I reckon so called "Special Interrogation Techniques" teniques should be replaced by pulling out their beard hairs one by one with a pair of tweezers, I tried this on my own facial hair as I have to practically shave twice a day and I was sick of it, worst pain I have ever experienced, they are bloody almost half an inch long inside your skin.

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