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Del2i more info please. Does the ME icon appear on the UI; if yes what happens when you click it? Are u able to run single missions on the korea terrain?

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I wanna help but u don't really say much:| But if the missions can run, it's probably some small glitch. Check your menu folder (C:\Users\[user name]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Korea\Menu) and see if there's an MISSIONEDITOR.INI in there. If yes delete it. Or,, try another fresh install as the install procedure isn't exactly error free. That's the two ideas I have atm..

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    • By Slant6
      I've been playing the North Korea Invades 1950. Lots of fun, although NK birds a lot more numerous than in real life. Anyhow, problem is that the Yak-9Ps are too skillful and deadly. They make mincemeat out of F-80Cs and give F9Fs a hard time. Any way to tone this down, so they're shot down easier--like in real life?
    • By Ngr
      Can anyone help me remove unwanted decals fragments?

    • By Slant6
      Enjoying the Korean Air War campaign overall. But sometimes, when things get very busy, the framerate will slow almost to a crawl. My setup is the following (relevant info):

      i5 2500 (non K)
      8GB Ram
      1TB 7200
      GTX 1050ti (newish drivers, forget the number exactly, 45X I think)
      Sound Blaster Z
      Do I need a serious upgrade to cut through the slowdowns and framerate drops?
    • By ragnarokryan
      Attached are a collection of original manuals from the 1950s and 1960s, to help the simulator pilot accurately reproduce aerial engagements from the Korean War and beyond.
      The Boyd manuals were found on Mark Hart's website. Originally they were Air Force documents of course, but difficult to find and not in good quality. Mark painstakingly reproduced the documents to their original conditions. His contact information and how he restored each manual is included in the individual pdfs. 
    • By Viper63a
      SF2 "MiG Alley" Wings Over Korea (KAW v1.2) Hi-Res 1920X1080 Menu Screens and Music v7
      By Viper 04/26/2020
      Note: I removed all the nation sounds from this Menu packs for size reasons. If you intend to install the "VIPER63A HQ Menu Sounds" pack, please install that pack first. Installing the HQ Sound pack over the Menu pack may overwrite some of the menu specific music files. You can always re-install this menu pack to get the menu specific theme music back.
      I made these upgraded alternate "Korean Air War" themed Menu screens to go with Do335's "SF2 Wings Over Korea" package!
      Pleae unzip the compressed file and preview the new screens before installing them. I recommend doing this as there are some alternate screens I have in there that you might like better.
      If you choose to install these screens, I recommend that you back up your FLIGHT and MENU folders in the SF2 Mod folder you're installing this mod into. Just in case you want to go back to your original setup.
      To install, simply unzip and copy the uncompressed FLIGHT and MENU folders to your StrikeFighter2 mod folder.
      My StrikeFighter2 mod on Win10 64-bit was..(yours may be different)...
      C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\Strikefighter2 Korea\

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