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*Please try & keep this civil & informative*

if you don't I'll just delete the thread.


OK, there are no major known ones but with the best will in the world beta testing will never find every single glitch the same way as 1000's of people playing will.

There's a lot of good in the patches but if you come across a bug please post it here (easier if it's all in 1 thread) with some information on how it ocurred & the info will get back to Third Wire.


Hopefully this will be a very short thread.

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So far she is working well for me. And the campaign bug is fixed and the carriers move at sea....happy days are here again.

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Same here. 4 missions flown in a campaign and not one issue came up, and I'm talking about my 'all planes go in here' install. The new inflight sound needs to get used to, but that is no problem at all really. So far it works smooth and no reinstall from scratch was necessary. I haven't tried other terrains than the desert terrain yet - but the improved terrain by deuces still works :victory:

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Fixing the ability to complete a campaign is probably

the biggest improvement.


Seeing friendly and enemy airfields in a map is magnificent.


Having your 3 & 4 man attack and finlly whack ground targets is

the absolute cooliest.


Not having to rename the desert.cat saved me enough

HDD space to tuck my WoV build onto 1 DVD, which is

very, very cool, IMHO.


But the big mama for me is this;




Yuppers, that would be a GBU-10 knocking on the door

of a ColdWar era HQ building in the EAWEuro terrain.


This jazzes me like no other, as I have wanted it since SF:P1

was in beta...



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