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line or tear in horizon - Mescalero terrain

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I experience a strange line on the horizon at the jonction between the clear and blurred areas. I have never been confronted to this on any other terrain until now.


I have tried a lot of settings, described in the following links, without succes (even with the NVIDIA graphic card settings, the ObjectsFade=False in options.ini, and distance tunes in Flightengine.ini...):








It's pity as this terrain is a hit for bombing practice...


Does anyone know how to fix it?


Thanks in advance!



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From my notes, dont remember by who :



One note, those tile demarcation lines are still there, edit these to get rid of them:


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Yeah that's it. It's basically to move the distant terrain below in case the terrain uses high-value tile-specific HM maps diplacement, ie. most of my terrains tile/treemods since couple years back.


it's basically this line:




you can experiment with smaller values like -50 etc depending on the _HM.bmp files diplacemet power for tiles yo ucan check that in the very same terrain data.ini

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