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yes..lets just do it!

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By the way give the last Victor her flight authorization back, this couple just wait to work together again.



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are there any left ?


Just the one in the picture, XH558, who unfortunately is in her final airshow season now.

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With regard to the Vulcan being used to deliver an air-strike on ISIS, I don't think that a large-scale conventional bomb attack would do any good, they are too widely spread out, never concentrated in the same place. There are numerous ISIS pockets of resistance all over Iraq and Syria. 


Frankly, It would be extremely difficult to get them all in one go!!! and it is likely that as soon as some have been killed and declared Martyr's - others will join and rally to their cause. We are trying to fight an Ideaology and a belief system with bombs and guns!


I can't really see a way to fight these fanatics without putting a lot of boots on the ground and carrying out numerous pin-point air strikes.


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