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Need help with EAW archive!

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I'm in need of ANY EAW archives / files / zips that any old EAW pilots have sitting on there HD or backup CDs.

Can you find it with in you to search for your old (and new) EAW files from back in the day (or today) so that I can archive them in my Shared Public Resource?

I'm in need of even more files to fill the resource before the files or old EAW users are no longer available.
To see the organization I did , please got o my EAW Help Site:  https://eaw.neocities.org/ and find the download link there.

Please contact me by PM here on CombatAce or I'm on SimHQ too. Let me know where to download your files from or send them to me.

Thank You in advance.

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A small group of people have helped me out since I posted requests on several forums. I have received a bit of help from some of the old timers that tucked files away for perhaps just this reason to preserve the information. So I'm hoping my site and the references to the files are helping others in return for their generosity.

I recently added an 'addon and files' page on my site, The page that was present before use to be just information about some of the different popular files for v1.2 of EAW, now it's linking to the newly and painstakingly organized folders at my EAW Mediafire archive that contain the community made archives and more details about more files.   

Anyway, please check it out, you can get to the files page by going to the main page of my site. There are some of my own files there too.
Main Page of EAWHS:  https://eaw.neocities.org/

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      After a crash, my Strike Fighters 2 Europe keys appear all set as unassigned.
      There's no way i can set 'em.
      Even if i bind them, they still be unassigned.
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      I seriously have no idea of what to do, since this happened only in Europe and not in vanilla game or North Atlantic. 
      There's also another problem: keys look "bugged" in SF2 NA, since i binded all of them, but some still don't work.
      As these won't be enough, they're bugged also because if i set a key for a specified control, and then i try to unassign it re-pressing the same key on another command, instead of unassigning the first command, it glitches and i can set two or more commands with the same key... this clearly bugged out 
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      Hi everybody,
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      I tried EVERY SINGLE THING (lowering graphical settings, selecting my dedicated graphical card as default...)
      Nothing changed.
      I discovered that the problem is related to the audio communications files, since i tried deleting all radio chatter files from SFP1 game directory, and the issue is gone, no more stutters or freezes.
      The only thing is that i can only play the game without any form of radio communications, just ambience, weapons and plane sounds... that's kinda bad
      SO, I finally found out the problem is related to these files, i tried changing the audio channels into the in-game settings, switching from 16 to 8, to 24 and 32... I don't need to tell you that NOTHING HAPPENED.
      In conclusion, what can i do?
      I'm desperate since i can't find anything similar on the internet, and no one seems to have my same problem, so i can't find any solution.
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      I got this problem:
      I run SFP1 pretty well, without any sort of issue.
      The only very tedious thing i have is that the most of the times a vocal call is given, my game freezes for like 1/2 seconds.
      This may sound like not a big thing, but TRUST ME, since this pops up for 8 comms given out of 10, this problem turns the game into UNPLAYABLE.
      And also (i got no idea why and what is the correlation with comms) almost every single time i shoot down a plane or i see an explosion in front of me, this issue happens.
      I thought it was a setting problem, maybe a graphical one, or something related to my PC, i could never ever though it was an audio file problem...
      I made many tests, but after several months of testing, removing all the audio calls files from the game files, i finally discovered what was the cause of those freezes: the audio communications.
      Even if the game is perfectly playable as it is right now, without any radio chatter, it would be nicer if i could play it with audio comms again, instead of just ambience, plane and weapon sounds, i really loved HQ calls, wingmen comms and radio chatter.
      I have no idea what could it be that "interfers" with the game and makes it freeze whenever a call is given, or even an explosion happens. 
      Only removing all audio comms from game files the problem solved.
      Could you help me please?  Any idea or suggestion would be great!
      Thank you a lot guys! 
    • By MarkEAW
      So here is a link to a pack I'm trying to put together of misc tools and other types of eaw files to help someone out.

      I plan to have a small readme with every file, and perhaps one day a better readme for most of the files, all depends on the help I recieve and the information out there.
      Any feedback on the pack is appreciated.
      When I round out most of the problems with the tools and readmes, I intend to upload it to Combat Ace file archives.
      If you can take a look at the file , inside and provide any info I should add that would be greate.
    • By MarkEAW
      What can experienced users tell me about EAW 3DZ modelling, RS and tools?
      I'm not trying to build anything specific and I don't have a whole lot of time to learn, But highlights would be favorable.
      Like I know for EAWv1.2 there are specific programs used. I think I have them all. Unfortunately some are DOS , some are WindowsOS usage.
      I know you plan out the model before you begin using the 3DZ Studio program (which one is best?)
      How would I keep the RS in check as I add to the model?
      Thank you in advanced for the help and tips.

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