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Many Copies , New Help Document

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New Help Document of sorts. (I'm still working on it)

This doc tells you the three methods I know to have multiple installs of EAW.

Most of us just to full installs and copy the game folder to make new installs. The other methods are not much use anymore, other than for testing stuff out.


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I have meant for a long time to say how much I appreciate your work on EAW. It has always been one of my favorite sims and to have it be playable in this day and age is just amazing.

One of my prized possessions is the original printed manual for the game. They don't make them like that anymore.

Keep up the good work!

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I will keep up the good work, thank you!

I just don't know what direction to take with things, as feedback is thin.

Anyway, I still need to update this help doc a bit. Anyone having issues with this help doc?

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    • By MarkEAW
      Just a note,
      Normally running EAW natively on WinNT machines, EAW won't run or correctly if the filename is not eaw.exe. (Campaigns/Careers will not save correctly)
      However after some test when running EAW within a Wrapper Program you can have as many game.exe's in the games folder you want, they just need to be named differently, such as eaw12.exe, eaw12a.exe, eaw12x.exe, eaw126e.exe etc.
      (You should at least have one exe, preferably the standard 1.2 as eaw.exe in your games folder so the noCD function works with it).
      You just have to have a shortcut within the wrapper program pointing to each exe.
      (I've added this and more info to my web site now and continue to explore more ideas)
    • By MarkEAW
      Now that EAW is running well in the DxWnd wrapper, its has been quit here. :)
      Anyhow, anyone still having issues when EAW is run in the DxWnd wrapper (and that had DL my custom profile settings for that wrapper)?
    • By MarkEAW
      Anything going on with EAW?
      I get plenty of visits still to my site. I wonder if the few pilots are getting enough help?
    • By MarkEAW
      If you have the GOG release, the Campaign Films (The cut scenes) will tend to crash the game during Career Modes when they go to play the .smk movies. This is true for the standard MPS EAW Game as well, just more common.
      You can download a 'empty' MOVIES.CDF file and drop it into your EAWv1.2GOG version game folder and it will allow the game to get past the cut scene, by skipping it.
      Get the Empty Movies.CDF here at CombatACE in the EAW Downloads if you need it. (Its 7-zip so make sure you have that program to un zip it.)
    • By MarkEAW
      Here's a few videos I have watched on EAW:
      One of them mentions my install instructions, which was a surprise, these are by "damsonn".
      I think in all of his videos he is using v1.2 on a Win10 64bit system in 3dfxGlide Mode, running nGlide Wrapper at double the res of the EAW standard game , which is defaulted at (640x480).
      Note: NGlide cleaning upscales the graphics and cockpit dials, and everything else. (Other wrappers do this too, I just don't remember which ones).
      European Air War v1.2 (stock version) running on Windows 10 64-bit - YouTube
      European Air War - 2 RAF Campaign Missions - YouTube
      European Air War - Luftwaffe Campaign Mission - Bomber Intercept - YouTube
      BTW I didn't embed the videos as it looked too big, I prefer videos viewed at there home sites anyhow.

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