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Aircraft carrier Accidents, Mishaps and Fails Compilaton

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That's why in WW2  they rather ordered the damaged craft to ditch or bail out, they posed a danger to the carrier itself.


Bouncing 5" rockets on the deck... holy cow... 

I admire the bravery of the on deck firefighters.... I'm not the shitpants type but... huh. leaking burning fuel (or oil?) on armed hellcat with cycling props...

Damn lucky guy... at 4:15... and another at 5:44

Vietnam era crashes seen to be more serious to me... 

22:30.. uhh horizontal ejection... first one did not make it, I guess(((

23:05... my god... why to pull up so hard.. Greyhound crew dead...

I see a lot of Skyhawks nosing the deck... they had a weak forward gear?

Intruder drone... 30:40 LOL ))))

Luck again... huge luck... 31:20

33:10 What... did the Crusader got lucky or they ejected??

33.50 Faulty catapult??



And the most tragic catastrophe on the USS Forrestal in 1967...



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3:02 is pretty impressive - the landing looked flawless but when he comes to a stop the windshield is completely covered in oil. Looks like blood on the inside as well when they're getting him out. So flying blind and possibly wounded as well yet he nailed it.



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