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Well here it is Friday night just when you thought you had plans to go out,, thanks to Alexis99 we all are going to be gearing up a new f-105 campaign,,, well first you are going to have to do some downloading,, first if you don't have the A-7k 2 seater in your stable you'll have to get it from nato fighters column5,,,







1. Copy hud file in the a-7k cockpit file and paste into the f-105 cockpit file


2.Remove f-105 avionics ini then copy the a-7k avionics and paste in f-105 folder.


3.now you are going to have to go into the f-105 config ini and change 60dll to 70dll


4.now if don't have it you'll need to get the B-52 radar screen out of the B-52 cockpit folder and put

  it into the f-105 cockpit folder..


5.now there is a ccip sight floating around here I found it by accident put that in to cockpit folder.


6.the avionics should look this.




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You make me wish I still had a windowsXP partition.  :mad:

If you are flying SFP-2 I believe you can mod those aircraft the way I do the file structure looks to be the same or get a xp box they are cheap I got about 6 of them people just through them away,, fixed them up for next to nothin,,

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Thud never had a HUD......



Well it does now,, that's why it's in the what if section the F-105G had a backseater this can be used as a bombardier station,, in which I already put in the B-1B that also has HUD and this,,,,http://combatace.com/files/file/4915-ccip-gunsight-for-accurate-level-bombing/


almost forgot toggle cockpit veiw,, mines the Del button on num pad



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I put HUDs in all the aircraft I fly. It's the 70 DLL that allows it to be done.

Thud's never had a kitchen downstairs, either, but mine does. Bet everyone else's does too, Crazyhorse.

Point about the HUD is that it gives you the information you need, on screen, without having to scroll down to look for it. Robin Olds never scrolled down.

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