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Rise Of Flight Screeshots

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Death of an RE8...



Bomber escort, Rise of Flight style...



Jasta Boelcke over the lines..




Death of an SE5a...




And another one gone...




...and another one gone..




...another one bites the dust!



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Verner Voss's Albatros D.III...




RNAS Sopwith Pups...




Jasta 11 Fokker Dr.I...




Albatros D.II chasing down an R.E.8...



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No. 60 Squadron Nieuport 17:







R.E.8 in trouble...



Latest purchase: Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter...





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Scenes from my Jasta 2 campaign...


Stachel attacks a Sopwith two-seater at low level..




...and knocks it down - in emphatic fashion...




But the skies above are filled with English fighting aeroplanes...




...and they are not all prehistoric packing-cases, so it's time to go home...




Unescorted R.E.8s make easy victims on a later mission...




Later still, and an escort job is interupted when Stachel spots friendly flak breaking out nearby...




...and his three Albatros D.IIIs turn to give battle, with what turns out to be two RFC SPADs...




They knock down one SPAD, but the fight is joined first by some Nieuports, then by two Sopwith single-seaters. One of the latter breaks up in mid-air during a tight turning fight, possibly from a weakened structure due to flak or MG damage...




The second Sopwith has been attacking Stachel's surviving comrade but breaks off under heavy flak fire, and makes a run for it, with Stachel in hot pursuit...




The Sopwith goes down to a forced landing after Stachel's fire knocks out his engine...




...but Stachel's machine has been trailing steam and his own motor grinds to a halt soon after, with the Albatros over-turning in the forced landing which follows...




No doubt about it - with recent versions of Pat Wilson's Campaign Generator, the seemingly empty skies that used to put me off Rise of Flight are now but a distant memory, and the excellent PWCG combat report facility means that Stachel's logbook aka journal is rapidly filling up with reports of many fierce and usually successful combats. And yes, he's now got the Pour le Mérite!

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History repeats itself, in a RoF quick mission flying the famous 'red dragon' Albatros D.V flown by Oblt. Richard Flashar. This kite was famous for being crashed while the reserve machine of Oblt. Hans von Hippel on 18 February 1918, after losing a lower wing in combat...




Flying the same bird in RoF, I managed to shoot down one of the RFC Nieuports we ran into...




...but had a mid-air collision with another, which broke up, nearly taking one of my own lower wings with it...




Happily, I not only made a forced landing like Hippel, but managed to avoid making a Kopfstand.



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Scenes from my latest PWCG campaign mission, accompanied by the combat report I filed later.


Date:  02/09/1917
Time:  9:30
Type:  Fokker DR.I
Altitude: 3300 meters

This mission was flown by

Obltn Richard Hippel [me]
Ltn Lenz Friedemann
Ltn Oswin Rietschel...



and Fw Benjamin Breitner [rank hath its privileges, so he's the one in the Albatros]...



The mission was flown from Phalempin, N Douai aerodrome.

Successes include the following:
    Sopwith Triplane shot down by Obltn Richard Hippel
    Bristol F2B (F.II) shot down by Obltn Richard Hippel


"At about 09:45, near the northern limit of our final patrol leg, over the enemy trenches east of Bethune, I saw two Sopwith triplanes approaching us from the north-west, at about the same height, around 2500m.




One of the triplanes broke off from the fight and I dived down onto him, hitting him with my second or third burst. The Englishman turned away and dived slightly, back to the north-west. I attacked him again from behind.




The pilot slumped forward in his seat and the machine fell to the ground near the enemy's reserve trenches. As I was turning back to rejoin my comrades, I saw a second triplane heading the same way, trailing light grey smoke.




I chased him for a time but could not close the range, so I turned back towards our patrol area, firing a green flare to recall the flight. I flew east and began to descend as Fw Breitner in the Albatros...




then Lts Friedemann and Rietschel in the other two Fokkers reappeared and rejoined formation.




As I flew east towards our airfield, I observed a single machine crossing our path behind, between us and the lines, at about 1000m, the same height.




I turned to cut him off and saw that he was a single, fast enemy two seater, which I identified as a Bristol.




I gave the order to attack and flew to one side as my comrades shot at the Englishmen, who was very agile and turned hard to escape. I cut him off and made several attacks from the rear quarter, observing several pieces fly off from my hits. After another attack the enemy observer disappeared and the Bristol fell into a shallow dive to the west, still under control but not flying so fast. I attacked again from astern, setting the enemy's engine on fire.






He went into a steep downward spiral and crashed in open country near Mearchin at about 10.05.




I recalled my flight again and led them all back to Phalempin.




I claim one Sopwith triplane and one Bristol two-seater destroyed."

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Some say the wings come off a bit often, but I don't mind. The fellow in the Sopwith below might disagree, though...



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Couldn't resist posting this one - a simple 'over the shoulder' shot certainly, but it has a nice sense of purpose, direction and depth, with the aircraft in the foreground, superimposed on the cloud in the middle distance, and both overlaid on the terrain which rolls out towards the invisible horizon. And it encapsulates how Rise of Flight brings us back to...well, to the rise of flight, with the airman alone in the vastness in his fragile plane, as he flies towards the ultimate visible representation of the horrors of war, not knowing what fate awaits him over the lines...



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A short hop over the 'lake' map (a multiplayer haunt?) in a (for me) very-rarely flown plane, the Gotha..




My front gunner seemed a bit blasée about the whole thing...




...but I moderately enjoyed the trip, especially after I had begun to dump the bombs, and the kite felt slightly less barn door-like...




After that, it was quickly back to life as Richard Hippel with Jasta 11...



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One of two Sopwith Pups shot down (both in flames) on a single mission, current Jasta 11 PWCG campaign, September 1917:




This was the other one - he tried to get away, but the flames grew and he keeled over and fell to earth in a near-vertical spiral:




I'm also meeting Camels, and got this one:






Home sweet home - the airfield of Phalempin, with the nearby factory chimneys making a good reference point:




There's little time for rest, though - I'm soon off again, leading another patrol up to the lines, in fine weather thank goodness. Tommy, beware!





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Some representative pics. below of ROF (united edition) on a Mac (Win10 in Bootcamp). Installation and settings suggestions located under the separate post for Mac installs of ROF. Skin in the pics below is by "actionjoe" by the way, a Russ. MS type G or H (that loads into the Fokk. E.III skins folder in ROF)...mods available over on the official ROF site, also on the "checksix" website that's in French.

Happy flying,

Von S :smile:








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Always liked the damage modelling in this one, especially with several dozen mods added to tweak it further for more robustness to the aircraft, the "gavagai" mods in particular work well. Bit of a mishap during a balloon attack in the pic. below, but the pilot was mostly okay. :biggrin:

Von S



Edited by VonS
Added info.
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A couple of screenies to refresh this thread...was trying out some of the Entente aircraft in ROFue recently and, similar to WOFFue, I think my two favorites are the SPAD VII and the Tripehound (for some reason the Nieup. 17 seems a bit too fragile in ROF and I've never been much of a Camel jockey :biggrin: to explore those further) - but the SPAD VII is wonderful even against the Dr.1, and at low-level too - simply use power to extend and climb gently, and come back for another slashing attack. Works well most of the time in the 150 hp SPAD VII, should work even better in the 180 hp version.

Von S :buba:



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The Fokker DrI did not impress much the French Spad pilots.

They used Boom and Zoom tactics to take advantage of their superior speed.

Though sometimes they used other tactics, but in those case, the sanction was fast to come !

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