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Iranian Air Force support aircrafts.

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Iranian Air Force support aircrafts.

This pack includes aicrafts used by Iranian Air Force.
Mostly eye candy aircrafts, available on CA. (with one exeption)
P-3F Orion - Used by Air Force to support Iranian Navy. New skin based on my template, and correct serial number decals. Im using here Florian's pit for C-160 - for me it fits wel here.


Boeing KC-707 - simple mod by fakepilot adding (not operational) refueling pods on wing tips. Decals with correct serial numbers.


C-130E Hercules used by Iranian Air Foce transport squadrons. Serial numbers are correct, but not necesarly proper for units. Althoug those 3 units were probably operating E Hercules in 1979.


Cessna 337 - only skin, for now as there is no better model. YAP's model is ok but uvwraping is screwd.
So I chose CA model by V2K - also not perfect but as temporary eye candy must fit here.


Pilatus PC-6 from "other site" you need all files from A-Team site to run this mod. This mod provides only skin for IRIAF and ini files that should be used with this mod. (do backup here)
Also fake pilot "proper" exhaust for Turbo PC-6 - old exhasut removed by data.ini file.


T-33 skin pack with correct serial numbers.


So as I said it is eye candy aircraft pack for Iran-Iraq war era.


All serial numbers in this pack are historicaly correct and are based on available documents, photos.


P-3F Orion with Cockpit - Florian
KC-707 - Mirage Factory C-135B Model by BPAO
Cessna 337 -O-2A Skymaster - model Veltro2K from pack by Wrench.
C-130E, cokcpit and templates by Dels.
T-33 by ErikGen from pack by Wrench.
PC-6 - A-Team...
All skins (exept T-33) and decals are made by me.
Skin for T-33- I just added IRIAF roundels/finflash on main skin.


Enjoy and have fun.


Jarek Hereda.


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    • By Avrillav
      Hello. Is there anyone to make The IAIO Qaher-313, Iranian stealth fighter which is under construction and development? 
    • By yakarov79

      View File F-7N Airguard Over Iran. SF2.
      F-7M Airguard.
      This is skinset and decal set for F-7M as used by Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.
      Purchased in late 80's very unfortunate fighter jet amid IRIAF fighters.
      Due to limited reference material this is very possible skin/decal set.
      Pack contains one skin set with 3 squadrons that operated F-7M.
      All serial numbers are historicaly correct. (As far as I know)
      Aircraft is set for specific country - in this case Iran.
      TMF/Mod Mafia for F-7M => http://combatace.com/files/file/13548-sf2-chengdu-j-7-fishbed-series-pak-by-mod-mafiatmf/
      All skins are based on Sundowner templates from here => http://combatace.com/files/file/13624-template-set-for-tmfmod-mafia-f-7m-fishbed/
      Model : Flying Toaster with version-specific changes by BPAo
      Pit model : Mago/Paladrian with version-specific changes by BPAo
      Skin Templates: Sundowner
      Sounds: TMF
      Data ini/FM : Kreelin & 3W and some minor updates by me.
      last is me for very little,data ini loadouts, updates / reworking and assembling the package.
      490 ltr fuel tank by me.
      All credit to someone who did pilot model and skins.
      report bugs.
      Hope you will like it.
      Jarek Hereda
      Submitter yakarov79 Submitted 02/04/2017 Category J/F-7  
    • By yakarov79

      View File F-14A Tomcat over Iran. SF2.
      This is F-14A Tomcat as after 1979 in Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.
      This is based on Thirdwire DLC 027. So if you dont have this pack you can't use this mod.
      Whats in.
      This is basicly the skin and decals set For F-14A_Iran from DLC027.
      Skin is based on pappychksix templates
      All decals are made by me and set to randomization=TRUE.
      Ive put only 72 serial numbers into 3 squadrons that operated F-14A in 79-80.
      Al numbers are historicaly correct, but only few are proper for specific unit.
      During Iran-Iraq war lot aircrafts were transfered from unit to unit or temporary written off so its hard to track proper aircraft placement in units.
      few aircrafts were also serving in testing units. So total aircrafts in service in 1979 was probably around 70.
      No weapons / pilots added. It will work with latest ravenclaw weapons for sure.
      There is optional folder with INI files. Its is mix of inis based on TMF F-14 pack.
      And also pit is from TMF pack.
      So all credit to them for their work.
      Credits to pappychksix for F-14 Templates from here => http://combatace.com/files/file/13567-hi-rez-f-14a-tomcat-templates/
      Cockpit: Chris (original and new update) with tweaks by Crusader and Caesar
      FM: ThirdWire, Caesar, Column5, Spectre8750
      Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34
      Ejection Mod: Stary
      Submitter yakarov79 Submitted 01/07/2017 Category F-14  
    • By viper63a

      View File C-130ABEHJK Hercules Super Pack 2016
      C-130ABEHJK Hercules Super Pack 2016
      Tweaked and packaged by Viper63a
      What's included in this mod pack?
      This pack includes the following packs standardized\tweaked\remade to my liking...
      Includes USAF, RAF, RAAF, ROKAF, JASDF, IDF, PAF, VNAF, EAF and IRIAF C-130 Hercules - Models A, B, E, H, J, K and KC-130!
      Special Thanks to Yakarov79! Thanks for the additions!
      Also includes...
      1) New Planes...
      2) New Decals...
      3) New Pilots...
      4) New Hangar\Loading screens..
      5) New Exhaust emitters...
      !! First and always - BACKUP!
      ** Copy the contents of the uncompressed "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your Saved Game mod folder. Overwrite any conflicts.
      Go Fly!
      Firstly, I did very little to create this pack. I just polished and reset the gems I found. All credit goes to the people who came before me to create the excellent packs on CA.
      PAF C-130B For SF2 - Murtaza Akbar
      C-130H JASDF for Strike Fighters 2 by Nengajyou Aki
      LOCKHEED MARTIN C-130J-30 HERCULES Ver 2.0 By Dels
      C-130J-30 Shimshon Israeli Air Force Skin by Allen "allenjb42" Burton
      RAF C-130's for SF2 Series by The Mirage Factory by Dave (USAFMTL)
      SF2 IDFAF C-130 Qarnaf Pak by Wrench
      C-130E/H USAF pack (originally by Dels) by Kevin Unruh aka daddyairplanes
      There is a long list of credits in the original "ReadMe" files in the "Extra" folder...but here is a brief list of acknowledgements!
      Thanks to...TK and TW! and Special Thanks to Oli (RIP - Didn't know him, but I've come to know his work and the respect paid to him by the community)...
      My Heroes!
      Murtaza Akbar
      Nengajyou Aki
      Dave (USAFMTL)
      Thank you all!
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 09/04/2016 Category Other  
    • By Artiglio

      View File AT-27Tucano Skins Pack
      Friends here is another package of liveries for the Tucano, to share with the whole community, a thank you to those who have modeled this aircraft "by Texx, Cwatson and Ton414", and a special thanks to Texx for the work done on the web. Well to tell you that good fun.
      Submitter Artiglio Submitted 01/06/2014 Category IL2 Series Game Mods  

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