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  1. It happened when I installed the gun of the SU 25 which I downloaded here . I got red color. In addition, there was not even a single letter about red bullets in the REDME.
  2. Hello. I have installed SU25 today, and i have recognized strange red color appearing each time I use 30mm cannon. It happens only in Russian made aircraft I use (Mig29. SU27, SU25) May someone tell me how can I restore white bullet color?
  3. Fiat G.91 "Gina" Pack

    Seems nice
  4. I do not know it. It is under development, but the design looks very interesting
  5. Hello. Is there anyone to make The IAIO Qaher-313, Iranian stealth fighter which is under construction and development?
  6. Angola/South West Afrika Terrain Beta

  7. I just wanted to have more challenging environment. Since there are 4 and 5 Gen planes available to download, there should be some good SAM either S300 or S400...
  8. Hello. Is there any possibly to make S400 missile defense system as the AI addon for Strike Fighters 2?
  9. Hello. Can someone tell me where can I download Sukhoi SU57? I have seen a YouTube video featuring SU57, but I couldn't find any SU 57 to download? Any help regarding this topic???
  10. Hello. I have updated SF2, and there is no Campaign or Mission editor. How can I get that?
  11. Hello. I have updated SF2, but sometimes when I want to make screenshot, the game crashes. What is the solution? I have tried to find out, but I could not. Any clues???

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