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  1. MIM-23 Hawk Missile System Unit

    Where can I find _TYPES.ini file
  2. I have removed terrains that cannot be detected in the game. These in the screenshot perfectly
  3. I installed in the Terrains folder where I installed other maps that work perfectly.
  4. I installed in the same folder as I installed other terrains that work perfectly.
  5. Yes. StrikeFigthers2/Terrains.
  6. Hello. I have just reinstalled the SF2 and put all addons I have already used. It is all working. However, after I downloaded new terrains (Iraq03 and Libya), my SF2 cannot recognize these maps in Mission Map sections. However, other maps I have used before work. What is the solution, please?
  7. Iraq, Western Asia (1980-2003)

    Why this map is not shown in the game?
  8. Hello. I have downloaded Iran-Iraq War Terrain/Campaign by Spudknocker. i have installed planes and all required. However, when I start flying the game stops working. I decreased graphic settings, but it did not solve the problem.The screen is frozen and I have to use CTRL+ALT+DELETE to cancel the game. May anyone tell me what is the solution?
  9. Thank you very much. Now it is working at all.
  10. Thank you. That attachment Tracers.7z, do I need to put in somewhere in my SF2 folder, or just to change the text in the 30MM gun?
  11. Hello. I have re-installed SF2 and solved the problem with planes that were no showing. However, my Russian planes have red tracer color. It used to be white. This happened after I have downloaded SU25 from this site. May someone tell me where can I download 30MM GSH Gun with correct information including tracer color? Any separate gun for downloads? I have replaced the gun FireColor to =0.500000,0.450000,0.320000 (taken from American gun with white bullets, it is supposed to be white, but still it is red)
  12. I have re-installed Windows and SF completely, so I will try today. I hope it will work.

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