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StrikeFighters2/ Skunkworks Afrika WW2

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I Have all the Strikefighters2 titles.

Downloaded  WW2 Europa-Pacific and Afrika (Med)


ww2 Eu is running nice :biggrin: 


ww2 Pacific can i not install? :aggressive: 


ww2 Afrika is installd, but there is no gunsight on any planes in the mod? :angry: 


​Anybody knows what is Wrong? :aggressive: 






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    • By KJakker
      Hello everyone here at Combat Ace. While I was talking last night with some people in the World of Darkness RPG Discord Group I am a member of I had an idea.
      In order to help us get through the cabin fever effect of the social distancing necessary during this time of crisis I would like to propose that CA members who are interested can put together groups to play online/multiplayer PC game that member may have. Those interested could create a CA online gaming thread to list available PC games to find out who has what and organize groups and play times. Maybe use the poll feature to list what multiplayer cable games are available so member an vote to indicate game ownership by member.
      Secondly, with an increase in free time we could put together coordinated joint mod projects that we could work on intensively and maybe add in some mod items that we have been longing for but just never had the time to work on. Members interested could start some brainstorming threads to work out some viable projects.
      Maybe some people who have not been involved in mod creation before could delurk and get your hands dirty now that you have the free time. CombatAce could really use some more modders. Jump on in, the INI files and object LODS are fine! Just watch out for the .TOD files.
      My third idea was that there has to be some table top RPG gamers here on Combat Ace. Would any CA members be interested in putting together some groups to play some table top RPG games online via Discord and/or roll20?
      In addition to the RPG gaming, with regard to Discord my thoughts also go to last night when I and some of the other members on the game server spent the evening watching a movie together and then played Skribbl.io, a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game, before going to bed. We had a great time just being able to talk, watch videos, and spam pet pictures at each other as well. As such I thought that even though we can not leave our homes, go to meet our local friends, talk to our bartenders, or even our therapists , we can still talk to our fellow Combat Ace members and we can all help one another through this crisis with some kind words and a sharing of our mutual worry's. Maybe we can even have some fun in the process!
      I went a bit Hallmark card at the end there.
      P.S. I have set up a "Combat Ace: Cabin Fever" Discord server. Still in development with regard to categories, channels, and rules.
      Link: https://discord.gg/gAmYxKQ
      Roll20 is a free to join website that brings pen-and-paper gameplay right to your browser. Link: https://roll20.net/
    • By General PB
      i have still to figure out how to properly mod my new sf2 install and i am a bit of a dumdum when it comes those issues, i have tried to just mod the base sf2 campaign Burning Sands (1959) to give the mercenary squadron more cash as a start so i can figure out how to start doing the rest.
      i made a flight directory in my saves folder and extracted the missiondata001.cat into it
      i.e. my folder is:
      C:\Users\evil overlord\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Flight\MissionData001
      and i am trying to edit the campaign1_data.ini to simply add more cash to the merc squadron for now (was trying to add more land units and stuff but i am back to just trying to change one thing and getting that to work so i can later do a custom campaign)
      the options.ini has
      Directory=C:\Users\evil overlord\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2
      but for now, nothing changes when i try to start a new merc campaign, any ideas what i am doing wrong?
    • By Betta94
      As the title said i am a lost soul, i've been reading and areading about the fake pilots mod. But where is it? where can i download it? i can see a lot of mods require it but i cant seem to find a download for it. 
      is this a problem on my end or is the mod impossible to find.

      Kindest regards 
    • By KJakker
      Link to and copy of the Cold Waters Modding Guide by Killerfish Games.
      Modding Guide By Killerfish Games
    • By Centurion-1
      So this is an idea I've been toying with lately, whose main purpose is to facilitate cockpit making, especially for people new to the game and engine. As it stands now we have a couple of outstanding cockpit makers like Brain32, Stary and Julhelm just to name a few, whose work is excellent. We also have many up-and-coming modders who are just now making their first works in SF2, like me or Sophocles. For me making a cockpit has not been difficult because of aesthetic reasons but technical ones, setting up all the instruments and so forth.
      To bridge this gap I was hoping we could, as a community, create a set of MAX files with instruments freely available to the community complete with commented INI files. This means creating a cockpit would mostly be about creating the mesh, then the aspiring modder could just open up the instrument max file and pick all the appropriate instruments and place them in his cockpit. Over time the library could be expanded to include most common US, Soviet and French instruments, as a lot of the instruments are standard on many different aircraft or at least very similar.
      So now I would ask you, the experienced modders, to give us newbies a hand by giving your instruments . I'm willing to do all the compilation work, basically you would just have to open your cockpit file, delete everything except the gauges and needles (and other assets you are willing to part with that might be of use), save as a different file and send it to me. I will then compile all the gauges to a file which I will put up for download. Regarding the textures these can be sent in any way you please, I will then cut out the unnecessary bits (if any) for minimal file size. And be sure to also send the INI files of your cockpits so that it is basically a cut'n'paste affair to make them work. If you care to comment the files, all the better! I'm hoping this project will enable more modders to make more high quality cockpits for the flying pleasure of us all
      If you have any input please share it here!
      With hope of co-operation,

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