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  1. "Bowling Green Massaker"

    Yemen next
  2. "Bowling Green Massaker"

    Nicht vergessen Bowling Grun! Heil Reichsfuhrer Trump und machen Amerikkka wieder grosse!
  3. Movie, Books, or Show Suggestions Please.

    In my opinion, Pork Chop Hill was a more intense film than Hamburger Hill, but in very much the same vein. In Hamburger Hill, the operation is spread out over several weeks with periodic respites from the brutal fighting as units are rotated in and out, but in Porkchop Hill, the entire battle is compressed into just 48 hours of non-stop, trench-clearing combat. Overall, Pork Chop Hill is a pretty faithful adaptation of the book and historical battle it was based on, and with the exception of addressing the teething troubles of the multiracial composition of the post-WW2 US Army, there is almost no political agenda or hamhanded moral message, which is atypical of most American films made during the 1950s. It's an ode to the grunt in the foxhole that doesn't try to use their sacrifices and suffering to push any patriotic propaganda.
  4. Movie, Books, or Show Suggestions Please.

    Porkchop Hill - the best Korean War film, in my opinion, both in terms of the story and the production value. Very little in the way of American weaponry standing in for Communist guns, lots of the real Eastern Bloc gear. Based on the eponymous historical battle in the Iron Triangle, it's about a US Army unit tasked with taking a hill and holding it against the Chinese, with weighty implications for the truce negotiations at Panmunjon. And it stars Gregory Peck, so what's not to like! The Hunters- not that great of a movie (doesn't really live up to the book it was based on), but it has a handful of pretty good F-86 dogfighting scenes filmed with real aircraft doing real ACM. Has F-84 Thunderstreaks standing in for MiGs, unfortunately, but understandable practice for a 1960s film. It's a fictionalized account of the rivalry and competition between the top Sabre aces of the USAF in Korea, based on a book written by a Sabre pilot who flew in Korea. Hell's Angels- has some of the best WWI dogfighting scenes ever made with aircraft and pilots that actually saw service in the war. Real S.E.5 and Fokker D.VIIs tangling in the skies over southern California, which isn't a great stand-in for northern France, but doesn't detract too much from the dogfights. The aircraft are done up in make-believe paint schemes, too, but again it's not a big deal considering the aircraft themselves are the real thing. Unfortunately the story is really terrible, but the dogfights more than make up for it. Dien Bien Phu - very good film about the eponymous siege in northern Indochina. Lots of period correct aircraft, small arms, artillery, and even tanks! It just follows the story of the siege, mostly from the French side. Downfall / Der Untergang- very good recent film about Hitler's last days in the Fuhrerbunker, based on a couple of definitive accounts and memoirs written by the surviving bunker staff. Very good drama/story, and period correct gear and weaponry. For TV series, "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" are the definitive modern WW2 series to watch. They are both based on excellent books and memoirs of the WW2 experiences of historical US Army and USMC units respectively. Also "Unsere muttere, unsere vatere" (titled "Generation War" for international release) seems to be the German equivalent for Eastern Front, though that TV show is not really based on any historical account.
  5. John Glenn passed away today

    Glenn's wartime F-86F-30 rendered in DCS F-86F and the real thing:
  6. I think Afrika mod is for Strike Fighters 1. Requires some conversion to work in SF2
  7. link does not go to download page
  8. Yes, that is the Krummlauf curved barrel and periscope conversion for German Sturmgewehr 44. The barrel attachments wore out fast but were replaceable. In the realm of aerial warfare, Soviets had a fondness for strapping absurd numbers of small arms together. Most famous is their experiments with using the PPSh-41 submachine gun as a ground attack payload on the Tu-2 bomber. They placed 88 PPSh-41s in the bomb bay at a 30 degree angle that could be fired for an anti-personnel attack. It was used in combat trials on the Eastern Front but never became a popular payload. Also Soviets strapped four Maxim M1910 MGs together as an anti-aircraft mount that became very popular in use on the Eastern Front as a static emplacement and also a mobile AA-gun on the flatbed of trucks.
  9. press ALT + D to turn off HUD overlays
  10. Flying Tigress

    fictional floatplane design
  11. Well, I guess there should be pretty significant flight model differences between the Canadair Sabres and the standard F-86s due to the more powerful Orenda engine used in the Canadairs compared to the GE models in the standard F-86s. The Canadair should have better acceleration overall, and better high altitude performance. But otherwise the airframe is about the same
  12. There are lots of soft-wing SAAF F-86F-30 skins available with the Korean Air War mod pack, but judging by the photos you linked, you are looking for SAAF Canadair Sabres?
  13. Below are links to the PDFs I mentioned ealier. One is a scan of an old SADF brochure that has some good color photos of SAAF aircraft and ground crew along with photos from other SADF service branches. The other is a scan of an old Osprey book on Mirage IIIs. It has a few photos of SAAF Mirage IIIs in flight, but there is a really bad dot matrix effect going on with the scan that makes all the color photos look weird https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8FHvkpKTJSKenVFeWpvNUkwTVE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8FHvkpKTJSKMnYweDBrLTNHckU
  14. here are a few color photographs of high resolution that were taken during the war https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce/SAAF_Mirage_F1CZ_1979_(6122300843).jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d5/49/49/d5494931fd79a3a3f90e60b4dead918c.jpg Much more like those are available at the following web address: http://kplanes.tumblr.com/post/132232389950/k-planes-episode-87-die-kaplyn At that site there are some good wartime color photos there of aircraft on the flight line, on sortie, and as wrecks on the ground I also have some PDFs with a handful of good color photos which I can send, but all my print books on the Border War's aerial element only have photos in black and white

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