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WOFF UE Christmas sale - 25% off limited time

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Do we know, when the offer expires?


We don't.  I'm guessing at least until Christmas but that isn't written anywhere that I've seen and nobody of OBD authority said that.  So...get 'em while they are hot!

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So what happens if one already has WOFF 1-3?


There was a discount for WOFF 3 owners for a time after WOFF UE just came out, but I don't believe it's available anymore.   The 25% off for UE is the best option while the sale is still happening.

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I'm back!  I just ordered, downloaded, and installed UE.  


I had been offline since upgrading to a new machine a while ago when my OFF BH&H didn't make it due to a Win10 failure of the Saitek X45 joystick.  So I just relegated the whole WWI flying thing to the dustbin.  Well, I've finally gotten everything back in order, with a new, Thrustmaster 4 and a Samsung SSD.  In the interim, I have been checking in on the OBD website as well as here, and I saw the Christmas sale.   Now I'm just trying to get my skills back and I'll be clearing the skies over Flanders in no time.

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