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Polish Wings. MiG-21 Fishbeds.

This is total pack of MiG-21 used by Polish Air Force.
Polish Fishbeds version F-13, PF, PFM, M, MF, bis and R.
Pack is not including two seaters U, US and UM. Unfortunately.


First of all this is huge pack due to skins and decals..
after unpakcing it is little above 1GB.


Pack is using standard TW models and full merged instal is recomended.


All skins are based on great templates by.comrad. http://combatace.com/files/file/14482-mig-21-mfsm-temps/
Ive made few changes to PF/PFM and F-13 models.
INI files are borrowed from MiG-21 Complete pack by ataribaby - http://combatace.com/files/file/9488-mig-21-complete-pack-sf2-18/
FM is (i think) medium setings from Fubar512 settings.
Cockpits and avionics are from Paladrian MiG-21 set
All aircrafts have additional avionics and cockpit ini files for easy way (ccip etc)


I have edited data ini files as follows:
All aircrafts have nation set to Poland.
All aircrafts have edited weaponstations by weight and diameter limits and specific station code. I've separated stations for irm, bombs,fuel tanks etc. So bombs do not apear on missile launchers, also ive corrected some weight limits.
Ive added all weapons moded / required for this pack.
Exept for:
GP-9,PTB-800S MiG-21 Center pylon. although GP-9 have new skin.


All Air to Air weapons are adited to work only with this pack. So not all weapons can be loaded. Ive set only those A2A weapons as used by Polish Air Force.
R-13 Rockets can be fired only by MiG-21bis.
R-3R can be carried only by MiG-21bis due to RP-22 radar.
R-60 shouldn't be carried by F-13 but it makes mess with editing. so somehow its possible to load.
As for air-ground weapons it uses standard weapons like OFABs, FABs, ZABs, UB-series rocket pods etc.
Fake Pilot mod is required to have proper MiG-21R. (althought Polish R had periscopes on canopy instaled)


New skin for GP-9 gun pod. for PF model.
GP-9 for PFM model is separated and is loaded as gun pod. Node is part of aircraft.
New PTB-490 fuel tank.
PTB-800 fuel tank is like in other available packs - can be carried by some late Polish MiGs.
MiG-21bis and MiG-21MF /96A00/ can carry SPS-141Je pod (as addon to ECM pod you can (should) load ASO-2I-E7P decoy dispenser - it is part of SPS in real)
RS-2US is main "unfortunate" air to air weapon for all early models exept F-13 (it has no radar) and bis (it has RP-22 radar and can fire R-3R)
Reco pod as same as in other pack available before - new skin for D type pod.
All weapon loadout.ini files are much "what if" as Polish Air Force never operated MiG-21 in any coinflict.
New PTB-490 and SPS-141Je are made by me.


MiG-21F-13 /model-74/ - first delivered to Polish Air Force Fishbed. 25 delivered.
MiG-21PF /model 76/ - 84 delivered between 1964-1966.
MiG-21PFM /model-94A/ - 120 delivered between 1964-1969.
MiG-21PFM (N) /model-94N/ - 12 delivered, capable of delivering special bomb. It was equipped with different center pylon allowing ot carry tactical nukes. later downgraded to PFM standard.
MiG-21R /model-94R/ - 36 delivered between 1968-1972.
MiG-21M /model-96/ - 36 delivered between 1968-1971.
MiG-21MF /model-96A/ - 100 deliverd between 1971-1974.
MiG-21MF /model-96A00/ - 20 delivered in 1995. Long history behind this aircrafts. In short - all aircrafts were supposed for different country with ongoing war...delivered to Poland small diferences in avionics - capable to carry SPS-141Je Siren electronic countermeasure station.
MiG-21bis /model-75A/ - 72 delivered between 1980-1982. Only Fishbed with R-13 engine and RP-22 radar station.


All skins are as jpg 2048x2048 format. With national markings painted. (different insignia for aircrafts up to 1993) and new one 1993 onward.
All decals are made by me and are historicaly correct and matched to specific units and service year.
Polish MiGs were transfered from unit to unit (sometiems only virtualy) so its is also big mess with serial numbers. Also somewhere in mid 80s it was allowed to pint squadron insignia on airframe. when aircraft was transfered to new unit it usualty retained old squadron insignia.. in 90s some aircrafts got insignia of 3 diferent units...
Polish MiG were silver/grey and not much color here. Although few were wearing special paintjobs. And those are also included (few of them).
During maintenace aicrafts received some paint using some different shades of grey...but here all are silver grey.
Al Polish MiGs-21 when delivered were equipped with R-11 engine and RP-21 station exept MiG-21 bis model - equipped with R-13 engine and newer RP-22 radar station.


Pack also uses:
KV-1 seat by AmokFloo
Weapons ravenclaw and others from CA.
PBP-2-3S Monsun rack by logan4
MBD2 - bomb rack by Snailman.
Pilots by TheTrooper. Repainted and renamed.
SPO-3 pod for MiG-21R by Spillone104
All credits and hails to creator of reco pods!
Also all credits to creators of other stuff that I forot to mention.


Again all credits to you guys who made this game so good after years. Thanks for yours work,


report bugs and missing files.


Jarek Hereda.


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