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Aircraft sinks into the runway

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citizen67    2

Hi everybody,

I'm asking you about this strange issue happened using the F-16C Block 50/52 by Viper Team, on strike missions in SF2 Europe: immediately, when the mission begins, the aircraft starts to tilt on the right side until it explodes, as if sinking in liquified tarmac... The loadout is balanced, no different weapons, no different weight under the wings and it seems this happen only on strike missions.


I haven't found nothing about similar issues on the forums, so I'm asking your help.

Thanks in advance.




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Happy308    108

Hello citizen67,


Could you rename the loudout.ini in the aircraft folder.

And then start the strike mission again.


Does the airplane still sink into the ground ?

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+Gepard    703

Strange thing, normaly the plane should not do this.

I was unable to reproduce the problem.

In my installation the F-16C Block 50 works well.



Does the problem appears only at the GermanyCE terrain and at all airfields or only at some airfields?

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citizen67    2

I've installed F-16C Blk 50 only in SF2E with the Rend's upgraded terrain.

I'll do some try in different terrains.

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