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Ka-26 in action - Preview

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Not for long though. With every day, less and less of these (and other agricultural) aircraft are in operation. Most of the pilots getting old themselves like their aircraft, and there are no reinforcements at all. Certain political and economical powers build more and more obstacles to stop all agricultural flight in Hungary - for a reason we do not know. Airborne delivery of chemicals (especially by choppers) is irreplaceable. Some of us, for example my friend Peter are using photo machine and camera to bring attention to the every day struggle of these wonderful men and machine. They are our flying farmers they bring food on our tables.


Actually this blue one is some of the newest, still more than 30 years old. It was left in a hangar for a decade or more in conservation, so it has still lifetime left.

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Under powered? For what? If I can recall only Hungary fielded it for military duty as light liaison and medevac craft.

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