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Animation from one model to another

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Hi All,

I started by taking the CF-18 plane and redo the painting in order to get the proper tones of grey BUT i would like to get the animation from the FA-18C model.

I know the CF-18 is based on the same model, but what i don't know is if something have to be done in the LOD file or it's just a matter of line editing in the data.ini?

Also, if i pull too hard on the stick at high speed, the CF-18 wings are ripped off and crash, but not on the FA-18C?!? I saw in the data files there is a G-Limiter on the FA-18 but not on the CF-18, is that it?


So any input or something i have to show you the animation things would be fine (need the add the wing folding, ladder, canopy and fuel probe), if possible of course!

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Compare the wing's StructuralFactor value of the two planes ..

Animations are part of the lod files, cant be moved from one to another nor changed by ini edit

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Also, be careful not to use the old LOD. AFAIK the CF-18 available in various mod packages still uses a very old LOD, while the American and RAAF Hornets have been updated properly with high quality skins and new LODs. There was also an interesting CF-18 mod which reproduced the various upgrades the plane received during the years (much like stock SF2 aircraft, you could choose between various CF-18s, with different year span, loadouts, avionics, etc).

I look forward to this new project of yours, 1977Frenchie! The CF-18 needs a proper update!


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