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I'm experiencing a little problem with the latest Super Etendard package.  The centerline buddy refueling tank is always loaded on my aircraft, regardless of my centerline loadout.  I used Mue's LOD Viewer and realized the buddy refueling tank is a part of the actual aircraft's .LOD file.  How would I go about using the Fake Pilot method to hide it?

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You don't, the Fake Pilot method doesn't work for that.

Ok, let's say you have a plane with a Fuselage node, an Antenna node, which you want to remove, there are 2 methods to hide a node :

1) The Delete node method


ParentComponentName=Fuselage (regardless of the actual inheritance)

2) The fake fuel tank method

- Set up a LODless, almost empty and massless fuel tank as a new weapon (it needs to have a non-0 fuel capacity and weight to work AFAIR), make sure to have idiotic dates or stationcodes guaranteeing they can't be manually loaded.

- If you are below the maximum number of WeaponStations :


StationGroupID=7 (This is so they can't be added back manually, they can be added through _loadout.ini though)
PylonMass=0.01 (Not sure if massless pylons work)
FuelTankName=DummyFuelTank (or whathever name you used)

If you aren't, just add the FuelTank parts to an existing WeaponStation not already having FuelTank entries.

I personally favour the fuel tank method as I find the other... inelegant, but it's the historic one.

There's also a third one, setting up the node to hide as a pylon or rail, but I don't remember the details and it usually requires a bit more fiddling to get right (plus it tends to waste more WeaponStations).


That's the best I can do out of the top of my head, I'll let others correct me if I missed something.

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along those lines, that store shouldn't be visible unless "loaded" for the mission. I'd check the hardpoint numbering for the buddy store -- it may be one used for something else, forcing that node to show.

Even on stock 3W birds, when something else is loaded on that hardpoint the built-in fuel tanks don't show (cases in point, Intruders, Skyhawks, Phantoms,)  Definately check the data ini for proper node naming and nubering

not having that particular version (I like the older one meself), I can't see what it's doing, but just making a guess here.

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Thanks, guys.  I'll check back this afternoon.  Again, after a long hiatus, I'm relearning the mechanics, even playing around with terrain making.

And, yeah the older Super Etendard (v1.2) is....a little more preferable, if not as attractive.

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