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Runway's not showing up

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Please forgive my ignorance. But what am I missing here? Several terrain/maps I've downloaded are missing runway and taxiway environments. It's several different maps so it's something I'm doing wrong. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. 


Mark (HerkDriverJ)

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This should happen since you don't have one of the referenced stock SF2 terrains; you might have another SF2 title, like SF2E, or SF2V or SF2I. Some of my terrains use the stock Desert terrain files as a base. But don't worry, there is an easy fix. Inside the terrain folder, find the terrain's main .ini file (for instance, IraqWA.ini), and open it with Notepad. You'll find that the referenced CatFile is the Desert.CAT. Since you might not have SF2's Desert terrain, but some other stock terrains, enable a different CAT instead. If you have SF2E, you have the GermanyCE terrain, etc.

So, double slash the Desert.CAT line and enable one of the different CAT files from the list below, according to which SF2 game you have:


I should have added such info on my ReadMe files. But by now most of us have all 5 SF2 titles combined, so... Still, if you don't have the .CAT file a terrain references by default, and you use another one in its place, you might see some other objects missing. Runways are common to almost all stock .CAT files (with the exception of IcelandNA), but other objects like windmills, bridges, etc. are only present on certain .CAT files. Apart from this, no other major issues, I think. 

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Well, that did the trick. Thanks so much for the help. It was driving me crazy. But turned out, like you said, to be a very easy fix. 

Thanks again,


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