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Hi to the  greatest modding community in the skies. I am keen to add decals to the old x-02 wyvern model but have no idea how to identify mesh names to locate them.Any help would be appreciated.

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I've tried the lod viewer and the decals still won't appear.Original post does mention "unless If you make skin need,Please not use decal.ini" Can anyone shed any light on this issue ???


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please post an example of your decal ini.  right now your just telling the mechanic over the phone that the car makes a noise,  the mechanic needs to see the car to figure out the issue. and so it is for ini's as well.

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(shake head, breathe)

what i need to help is this


the bold highlighted part is what you are looking for in the LOD viewer. it is what you are putting the decal on

the italic underlined part  is where it goes, the LOD viewer will get you in the general location with the coordinates it displays. from there you will have to dance the numbers around more.

a finally beggining thing to look at is if the filenameformat is correct (in blue above). when doing something for the falklands folks, i used their markings (mostly) on top of mine. in doing this i forgot the rename the first folder from B707 (theirs) to 707(mine). it did not show up until i edited the decal.ini to look in the right folder.

show me an ini (located in the skin folder you are working with, as decal.ini) and i can help you further. the pics really arent too useful at this stage other than to grumble over while having morning coffee.


final piece of advice: if there is an original decal in the area of where you are placing yours, change the values on that entry to match what you are doing!


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First: my apologies, yesterday was at the beginning of the cup of coffee, and i missed the decal ini posted. most still applies, the first two lines were me being a non attentive dick.

second, that fileformat line in yours is calling a generic tga from the stock game. it would look for the nation and apply it, but being a fictional aircraft the game doesnt have its nation.

you will need to create a decal folder (aircraft, with skin subfolder, such as X-02\newSkin\some decal) then place the desired decal in the folder and call it in the ini. what i stated about hte 707 yesterday still applies, the line in the decal ini has to match what folders its in or the game will look in the wrong spot (or not at all)


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