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Skin Pack for TMF Boeing 707-300

TMF Boeing 707-300 Comprehensive Skinpack

This mod will replace the individual skins for the TMF 707 and adds my multi airline skins to it, covering the eras from the early 1960s until the late 1980s and will add some eye candy to your parking ramps or make for interesting intercept and escort targets


This is only a skin pack with some additional items. First you will need the original located here:

then unzip and add this mod as well. allow overwrites.

You can delete the previous skins if you want, as they are represented in the skin pack


Decal sets covering most major users from 1959 until 1989
Skins to cover that time period in 9 blocks, with bare metal base skins
Nations and Formations ini for the "Airline" nation

Number 1:  THIS THING IS BIG! the fuselage tgas are 2048x2048 (working with details over an entire fuselage rather than basic colors
and curves) and the biggest sets are representing 32 airlines in their era! So this is not for the small of HDD space

Number 2: Due to quirks in the model, and ease for the modder it is not 100% aligned as in RL. the cabin windows are a little lower (which
allowed the logos to go one easier), and the curves tend to stop short of the radome.

Number 3: this uses the Herc pit to be flyable. I ad it to be able to check the decals, but leave it for those that may want to use it.
The pit is a piss poor match however, both with frames blocking and the higher tech than available even into the 80s for civilian birds
It is meant as eye candy, not operational missions.

Number 4: due to the size of things, some of the lettering is not to legible when you get close to it. Again, eye candy, its meant to be seen
from the runway when taking off or on an intercept. If your that close to see "hey it really is fuzzy" you will probably collide. Besides, the
thing is huge as is at teh current tga size

I am one of those that likes all encompassing mods. If you have a certain era you would rather focus on, by all means delete the other eras
that you don't need. Again this thing is huge, but covers almost every user from 1959 through 1989.

aircraft model - TMF, BPAo
tga, bare metal skin, ini work - daddyairplanes
original game -TK
test team -allenjb42, Nightshade/PR, yakarov79. they caught a huge tho buried mistake, so many thanks to you guys!

Thank you for downloading this mod and i hope you enjoy

Kevin Unruh (daddyairplanes)
 8 April 2018


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Thanks a lot!

In order to illustrate your stuff about the B707!



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Thanks for making this!

The instructions are clear on how to make an specific nation for airliners, what I wonder about though;  what is the reason (what are the benefits) of doing it this way. Because I really like all the possible varieties of these 707-300 skins, but wonder how to force the game to use as much variety as possible when generating missions. Either for parked planes or just random flights. Also the formations ini says something about 5 planes, but should they not fly solo? I guess I am not at all familiar with the formations ini...

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Good evening everyone

I've posted an update to this mod. this was because 1) i discovered a bad decal ini mix up that blanked part of the left side, and two decided that shrinking the fuselage and tail tgas by 25% would keep the detail but really reduce the file size.

It is now down to 4.45 GB, down from its original almost 8GB size

as before, if you dont intend to fly in a given decade, you can save even more space by deleting those particular folders (60s, 70s or 80s)

when you choose to download, there is an ini fix folder for those that downloaded prior to 24 June 2023; a folder of just the resized tgas and the entire mod in the "707" file


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